2.11.8 – March 11, 2024

  • FIX default application email still sending when using SMTP or other plugin that intercepts emails with wp_mail
    This was partially fixed in 2.11.6, but found one more situation where SMTP plugins would still send, this update fixes that.

2.11.7 – March 5, 2024

  • FIX Job Alerts 3.0+ “invalid template usage”

2.11.6 – March 4, 2024

  • FIX Job Alerts 3.0+ emails still sending in some situations
  • FIX default application email still sending when using SMTP or other plugin that intercepts emails with wp_mail

2.11.5 – December 14, 2023

  • NEW Support for MAS Companies for WP Job Manager
    Used by WorkScout for companies integration/functionality
  • FIX “Add New” button wording
  • FIX conflict between job/resume fields and application fields (in app email) causing empty/wrong value when job/resume matching meta key in application form fields

2.11.4 – December 7, 2023

  • NEW Support for Applications 3.0.0+ Multiple Forms
  • NEW Support for specifying specific Applications 3.0.0+ addon form for specific templates
  • NEW Support for Cariera >= 1.7.2
  • NEW support output just filename when using [each] shortcode (from 2.10.1)
  • FIX Support for PHP 8+
  • FIX message/application_message shortcode in application emails
  • FIX PHP warnings on preview for get_preview_post_title_filter() for plugins/themes that call filter incorrectly (from 2.10.2)
  • FIX “Unable to generate email, email class returned false or empty” for Application Email Preview (from 2.10.3)
  • FIX woocommerce_email_styles filter requiring second argument for some themes/plugins (from 2.10.3)
  • FIX random errors when saving due to count (from 2.10.4)
  • FIX check that default fields exist before saving (from 2.10.4)
  • FIX application attachments not outputting correctly when using [each] shortcode (from 2.10.4)
  • FIX PHP error when using excludes that once existed by no longer do (after editing template)
  • Added new default “new application” hook
  • Use pre_wp_mail for WordPress >= 5.7 for short circuiting default emails
  • Added filter for Job Alert action hooks (from 2.10.1)
  • Added “Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions” to sloppy dev dequeues (from 2.10.1)
  • Added example usage of filename in [each] shortcode in help tab (from 2.10.1)
  • Removed translation files
    Majority of translation files were machine translated (and hardly ever correct), and were causing PHP errors on PHP8+ these have been temporarily removed for this release until better translations can be completed to be included in the next release. The POT file is still generated so any custom translations you have setup should still work fine.

2.10.4 – September 15, 2023 pre-release

  • FIX random errors when saving due to count
  • FIX check that default fields exist before saving
  • FIX application attachments not outputting correctly when using [each] shortcode

2.10.3 – August 10, 2023 pre-release

  • FIX “Unable to generate email, email class returned false or empty” for Application Email Preview
  • FIX woocommerce_email_styles filter requiring second argument for some themes/plugins

2.10.2 – May 5, 2023 pre-release

  • FIX PHP warnings on preview for get_preview_post_title_filter() for plugins/themes that call filter incorrectly

2.10.1 – March 19, 2023 pre-release

  • NEW support output just filename when using [each] shortcode
  • Added filter for Job Alert action hooks
  • Added “Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions” to sloppy dev dequeues
  • Added example usage of filename in [each] shortcode in help tab

2.10.0 – January 25, 2022

  • NEW support for customizing Resume Alert emails
  • FIX default values showing in previews (days before expire, etc)
  • FIX CMB2 causing “invalid ID” error on our plugin pages (due to loading their metaboxes on my plugin pages)
  • FIX “access to undefined static property” when using Company Manager plugins
  • FIX PHP warning about undefined variable for output
  • Added Appointify to sloppy dev dequeues to prevent errors on plugin pages

2.9.4 – December 1, 2021 (pre-release)

  • Fix warning when company instance is not set and debug is enabled
  • Fix resume alerts preview to show same results as manual “Show Results” would

2.9.3 – October 15, 2021 (pre-release)

  • Only show company shortcodes when needed
  • Make sure to show company shortcodes in Resumes
  • Initial Resume Alerts support (beta)

2.9.2 – August 10, 2021 (pre-release)

  • Make sure include company attachments in other templates
  • Include company shortcodes in applications

2.9.1 – May 14, 2021

  • NEW support for Company Manager and Cariera theme companies
  • NEW setting for queued/delayed email to only send when status is same or changed (when delayed email triggered to send)
  • NEW support for decimal values in delay send emails (ie 1.5 or 0.5 [for half hour])
  • NEW tax_field param for shortcodes to define value to use (slug, id, etc)
  • NEW [job_applied_for_url] for Resume emails (when user submits resume applying for job)
  • NEW [approve_job_url_admin] and [approve_resume_url_admin] shortcodes for links to directly approve Job or Resume
    This requires that the user is already logged in, and links are only valid for 12-48 hours
  • FIX WP HTML Mail injecting templates into emails sent through plugin
  • FIX wrong ID being used when generating shortcode data for certain hooks
  • FIX temporary ID cache not being cleared when generating new template to send

2.8.4 – September 12, 2020

  • NEW Claim Listing Pending Payment Hook (should be used with delay, will only send if claim still in pending payment status)
  • NEW/FIX eMogrifier updated to 1.2.2 for PHP 7.x support
  • NEW Support for generating job_expires and resume_expires values if not set on listing yet
  • NEW [job_posted_date] shortcode (use format arg for custom format)
  • NEW [job_modified_date] shortcode (use format arg for custom format)
  • NEW [resume_posted_date] shortcode (use format arg for custom format)
  • NEW [resume_modified_date] shortcode (use format arg for custom format)
  • NEW [job_author key="FIELD"] shortcode (where FIELD is key from WP_User to return value from)
  • NEW [resume_author key="FIELD"] shortcode (where FIELD is key from WP_User to return value from)
  • NEW [resume_author_name first="true" last="true"] shortcode
  • NEW prevent alert queries from spoiling get_job_listing cache
  • FIX meta pulling from wrong template when multiple templates with same hook
  • FIX cron being scheduled multiple times when already registered
  • FIX resume form class being loaded if Resumes addon not activated
  • Added Stockholm theme and DHVC View Shortcode to sloppy dev dequeues

2.8.2 – May 2, 2020

  • NEW application_deadline shortcode for job shortcodes
  • FIX integration class only loading specific files instead of all in directory (causing error logs to show on pages)
  • FIX PHP warning about “contextual_help” (was debug code forgot to remove)
  • FIX use WooCommerce Emogrifier if available (instead of internal one)
  • FIX missing filter_alert_frequency function for backup alerts query (only used for very old job alerts plugin)

2.8.1 – December 5, 2019

  • FIX css being stripped when using WooCommerce templates
  • FIX compatibility with WooCommerce Email Designer

2.8.0 – November 26, 2019

  • NEW compatibility with WP Job Manager Resumes 1.18.0+
  • NEW added [filled] shortcode
    Can be used to prevent emails from sending by using this in TO [if !filled][job_author_email][/if]
  • NEW added job_manager_emails_shortcode_get_value_METAKEY filter on shortcode handler to get value for user custom code handling
  • NEW automatically prevent default emails (Job/Resume) from being sent when associated email is enabled in this plugin
  • NEW added setting to disable Capstone Theme default emails (enabled by default)
  • FIX to, bcc, from name, from email, and reply to fields not allowing use of double quotes
  • FIX error when submitting application on frontend (when Force Apply with Resume enabled and using WP Job Manager Resumes 1.18.0+)
  • FIX listing soon to expire email integration with Application Deadline date (when configuration set to expire when deadline passes)
  • FIX HTML preview error (and PHP warnings) when using WooCommerce Email Designer
  • Added Ajax Search Pro to sloppy dev dequeues on this plugin pages (and numerous others to license activate page)

2.7.4 – July 19, 2019

  • FIX WooCommerce templates not being applied when not using email customizer plugin
    introduced in 2.7.2/2.7.3

2.7.3 – July 15, 2019

  • FIX application shortcode issues
  • FIX application file upload fields not attaching or outputting URL
  • FIX [each] shortcode not outputting due to visual editor mangling [value]
  • FIX JS error when selecting listing to preview email

2.7.2 – July 12, 2019

  • NEW added Reply-To and BCC to show in Preview Email
  • NEW shortcode will output label instead of value (if using Field Editor and enabled in settings)
    To disable outputting label over value (when enabled in field editor), add value_not_label="true" to shortcode
  • NEW added ISEMAIL and REGEX to supported IF shortcode comparison operators
  • NEW added first and last arguments for job_author_name shortcode to only output first or last name (ie [job_author_name first="true"] )
  • NEW support for customized repeatable fields output in email (to use custom labels, etc)
  • NEW added $this reference in shortcode callback for user created shortcodes to access class instance
  • NEW Filters and handling for support of all email features in Apply with Resume email handling
  • NEW added filter for Emogrifier to return only body
  • NEW added [user_emails role="XXX"] shortcode
    Please note, using this shortcode can result in a VERY large number of email addresses being set on an email.  In the next release handling will be added to send emails individually to each recipient, but for now, please use CAUTION with this shortcode!
  • FIX WooCommerce Customizer styles not being applied to emails (also fixes WooCommerce integration handling for templates)
  • FIX resume_expires not outputting correctly
  • FIX/NEW use esc_html for TO and Reply-To values to allow for [shortcode] <shortcode> format usage
  • FIX/NEW decode HTML entities in shortcode arguments that may be mangled by the visual editor
  • FIX separator argument for multiple/array value field output, ie: [multiselect_field separator="\n"] (note: \n means line-break)
    CSV is (was supposed to be) default for multiple value field types, although due to a bug in previous versions it was output as a linebreak.  To maintain this functionality, add the separator="\n" argument to any fields you with to use line-breaks instead of output in comma separated value format.
  • FIX php warnings and error log outputs from last release (should have been commented out)
  • FIX check for existing attachments before setting value (when editing template in admin area)
  • FIX check for application_message in POST before doing shortcode to prevent PHP warnings

2.7.0 – October 15, 2018 – Release Blog Post
Version 2.7.0 has had a LOT of changes, new features, and enhancements behind the scenes.  Please make sure to test your site after upgrading to make sure everything still works correctly, and formats the way you want it to look!  More details can be found in the Release Blog Post

  • NEW generate and preview/send emails from admin area!
  • NEW support for multipart emails (HTML and Plain Text)
  • NEW WP Job Manager Screening Questions integration and support
  • NEW Astoundify WP Private Messages integration and support
  • NEW support for nested IF shortcodes
  • NEW IF shortcode conditional statements (contains, AND/OR, negate, less than, greater than, etc)
  • NEW action hooks for SINGLE post status hooks!
  • NEW post status hooks now triggered by post status transition (your site will run faster!)
  • NEW notices for new_job_application hook based on configurations (tells you if/when it will send based on app and resume settings)
  • NEW [site_name] shortcode
  • NEW charset for HTML/multipart emails now set based on WordPress settings
  • NEW custom plaintext for multipart emails
  • NEW setting for single post status hook to only send on transition (from any other status)
  • FIX if shortcode support for custom application meta fields
  • FIX WPML returning all templates instead of just specific language version
  • FIX shortcode handling sometimes not able to pull correct values
  • FIX incorrect linebreak and spacing in plaintext emails
  • FIX WooCommerce email template being inserted in plaintext emails
  • Optimized hook registration and handling to reduce PHP calls on site
  • Cleaned up and added new built-in documentation for shortcodes, etc
  • Many other tweaks, updates, and small fixes that I can’t remember 😛

2.5.1 – August 15, 2018

  • FIX warning about unable to open Emogrifier file
  • FIX missing language translations
  • FIX php undefined index warning for screen and callback_args
  • If upgrading from 2.4.1 or older, please see 2.5.0 release below for all updates

2.5.0 – August 14, 2018

  • NEW custom CSS metabox with CodeMirror support
  • NEW WP Job Manager header/footer/styles templates support (see below)
  • NEW WooCommerce header/footer/styles templates support (see below)
  • NEW Emogrifier integration (converts CSS to inline CSS values)
  • NEW default status hooks not pre-defined now available in hook dropdown (see below)
  • NEW prevent pending payment queued emails from sending if listing no longer pending payment
  • NEW current_user metakey/shortcode
  • NEW on upgrade of WPJM to 1.31.0+ disable default core emails
  • NEW added $this to job_manager_emails_shortcode_METAKEY filter as last arg
  • NEW job-manager-alert-email-trigger action to manually trigger sending alert emails
  • NEW filters for to, subject, headers, attachments, content, and more
  • FIX code causing false malware detection in WordFence
  • FIX job_title shortcode using value from meta instead of post_title
  • FIX trash post status hooks not firing
  • Added cardinal theme, wpum, scporder, kwayyhs, mobiloud, bontact, wpseoprem, pixelgrade, and swift fw to SLOPPY developer dequeues because they are sloppy and decide to load js/css on ALL pages
  • candidate_name now uses post_title by default and fallback to meta
  • resume_content now uses post_content by default and fallback to meta
  • job_title now uses post_title by default and fallback to meta
  • job_description now uses post_content by default and fallback to meta
    Only in very OLD and rare situations should meta have been used the the fields above, and unless you haven’t updated WP Job Manager in 2+ years, this shouldn’t be an issue for you
  • Support for the WP Job Manager and/or WooCommerce header/footer/style templates can be enabled on settings page, under Emails tab.  This must be enabled for each type of email (job/resume/application, etc)
  • Previously, only pre-defined hooks/templates for “default” post statuses would show up in hook dropdown.  With this release, any that are not defined already, will now be available to select from hook dropdown.
  • Numerous bug fixes and other enhancements not listed here, including a lot of new filters added to code base

2.4.1 – March 5, 2018

  • FIX resume submission fatal errors (when $resume_id is protected)
    Please update ASAP if you are using version 2.4.0

2.4.0 – February 27, 2018

  • NEW support for WP Job Manager Reviews addon emails
  • NEW setting on Job, Resume, and Apps in admin area to temporarily disable emails
  • NEW delay/queued email templates (delay email by X hours) beta
  • NEW added job filled/unfilled email hook actions
  • NEW added reply-to configuration in email template UI
  • NEW added featured shortcode for job/resume emails
  • NEW added job_applicants shortcode
  • NEW added job_expires and resume_expires shortcodes
  • NEW added archived to rejected application email hook
  • NEW shortcodes are now executed in BCC field
  • NEW added job updated email hook (requires WPJM 1.13.0+)
  • NEW template_name field in advanced to identify specific templates in filters/PHP
  • NEW job_metaresume_meta, and app_meta shortcodes to output any meta values
  • FIX emails being sent for WPML dupe listings (listings with _icl_lang_duplicate_of meta)
  • FIX job_dashboard_url linking to job applications
  • FIX resume location edited only firing when changed in admin area
  • FIX resume update resume data email hook not sending
  • FIX missing rejected default status for applications
  • FIX nginx issues with search for user to exclude in template
  • FIX resume application email sometimes using job data (instead of resume/application)
  • FIX heartbeat being disabled by default
  • UPDATED minimum WordPress version to 4.4
  • ADDED ability to specify templates arg in core filter for additional templates
  • ADDED listing ID and $this arguments in email_should_send filter
  • Fix incorrect filter naming for default job email keys
  • Fix minor issue with check for resumes, checking wrong class (when in non standard directory)
  • Plugin now verifies min PHP version of 5.3 before loading
  • Removed other plugin media buttons from showing above wp editor
  • Added Caldera Forms to sloppy dev dequeues (shortcode metabox display issues)
  • Added WP Customer Area, & PODS, to sloppy dev dequeues
  • Added YITH WC social login to sloppy dev dequeues (fix broken css in emails list table)
  • Some prep work for soon to come version 3.0.0 and integration with WPMails

2.1.0 – April 21, 2017 – Release Blog Post

  • NEW featured/unfeatured listing email hooks
  • NEW custom post statuses email hooks
  • NEW pending_payment_to_pending email hook and templates
    • Triggered when listing requires payment (and payment is made), and is pending approval.
  • NEW [date] and [time] shortcodes
  • NEW Claim Listing claim created via Admin Area email hook
  • FIX Claim Listing new frontend claim admin email not being sent, and overriding default email
  • FIX [listing_url] shortcode output incorrect value
  • FIX single quotes in subject showing as &#039;
  • FIX instances where unable to select hook from dropdown
  • FIX Internet Explorer 11 dropdown reopening issue
  • FIX undefined property PHP warning when using “Send Now” for Job Alerts
  • ADD compatibility with Bootstrap 3 Shortcodes plugin
  • ADD dequeue of BS3 shortcodes sloppy dev plugin assets

2.0.6 – March 7, 2017

  • FIX instances where application emails would not send out

2.0.5 – February 27, 2017

  • NEW WP Job Manager Claim Listing support (requires 3.0+)
  • NEW exclude user or custom email from being sent email
  • NEW job/resume published hook*
  • NEW job/resume submitted user template
  • FIX unable to use quotes in subject field
  • FIX certain configurations that would cause alert emails to not be sent
  • FIX additional templates loading incorrect data
  • Initial WPML config file added (full integration coming soon)
  • Only load Alerts integration if plugin installed/activated
  • * Regarding the new published hook, this should only be used as a last resort, as it will always fire whenever the job/resume status is set to published.  If you have removed the preview step you should still use the preview_to_XXX hooks as they will still fire, even with preview step removed.

2.0.3 – January 29, 2017

  • NEW new application note added hook and email template
  • FIX application post status hooks not firing
  • FIX application templates importing incorrect information
  • ADD basic debug logging feature

2.0.2 – December 22, 2016

  • FIX application custom field meta not outputting in emails
  • FIX application_attachments handling output
  • FIX issues with pending_payment action not firing
  • ADD support for multiple value fields when outputting all fields
  • Refactored shortcode output handler for speed and compatibility

2.0.1 – November 22, 2016

  • FIX visibility integration bypass restrictions when generating email
  • FIX admin view/edit/approve URL shortcode outputting empty value
  • FIX $msg undefined PHP warning

2.0.0 – November 1, 2016

  • !! MAJOR UPDATE !! Please read all details below!
  • NEW unlimited emails for any actions
    You can now create an unlimited number of emails for any action (instead of only 1 in version 1.0.0).  This allows you to create multiple emails when, as an example, a new listing is posted, you can setup custom email for admins, custom email for person who listed it, etc etc.
  • NEW Job Expiration email support (with customizable days before expiration to send email)
  • NEW email templates (34+ templates included)
  • NEW complete Resume Manager addon support/integration
  • NEW complete Applications addon support/integration
  • NEW Job Alerts email customization support/integration
  • NEW Job, Resume, & Application post status change action support
    (see below for all available post action status hooks/actions)
  • NEW Job/Listing action/hooks: Job Expiring Soon, New Job Published, New Job Pending Approval, New Job Pending Payment, Job Approved, Job Pending Payment Completed/Approved, Job Expired, Job Relisted, Expired Job Removed, Job Removed, Job Alerts Email
  • NEW Resume action/hooks: Resume Email Based Application, Resume Expiring Soon, New Resume Published, New Resume Pending Approval, New Resume Pending Payment, Resume Approved, Resume Pending Payment Completed/Approved, Resume Expired, Resume Relisted, Expired Resume Removed, Resume Removed.
  • NEW Application action/hooks: New Application Employer Email, New Application Applicant Email, New Application updated to Interviewed, New Application updated to Offer Extended, New Application Archived, Interviewed Application to Offer Extended, Interviewed Application to Archived, Offer Extended to Hired, Offer Extended to Archived
  • NEW notices show when selecting an action that may never be executed due to configuration on site and addon plugins.
  • NEW prevent default emails from being sent (Resume Manager & Applications) when custom emails are configured.
  • TONS of enhancements, bug fixes, and updates. This update is a major refactoring of the code base, and includes a TON of new features and enhancements.
  • This is a major update that includes over 4 months of extensive updates, modifications, and new features.  Please make sure to test from the frontend of your site to verify emails send correctly and in the format you have setup!
  • Updated semantic UI to 2.2.4

1.0.0 – March 17, 2016

  • Initial Release