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WP Job Manager Emails

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Customize or create unlimited emails, with any or all listing fields, includes pre-made templates, if & each statements, addon plugin support, and more!

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Product Description

Customize the default or create your own Email Templates for WP Job Manager, WP Job Manager Resumes, WP Job Manager Applications, WP Job Manager Alerts, WP Job Manager Reviews, WP Job Manager Screening Questions, Astoundify’s Private Messages and Claim Listing, and more (see below)!

Read about the new features in version 2.7.0 here:

Emails are handled through Email Templates, which you can create an unlimited number of.  They are tied to actions/hooks that trigger when to send the email.  You can create an unlimited number of email templates and set it to any action/hook, even if it’s already got an email tied to it!  (As an example, you could send out 20 custom emails when a listing is posted, each one having it’s own recipient, message, attachments, etc!)

Main Features

  • Create Unlimited Email Templates
  • Send emails in Multipart format (or HTML/Plain Text)
  • Create Unlimited Emails for any action/hook
    • For example, when a new listing is posted, you could create multiple custom email templates, one to send to admin, and one to person submitting the listing, with completely different and customized content.
  • Completely customize all default Job Alerts, Job/Listing, Resume, Claims, Reviews, and Application emails
    • As well as create completely custom ones!
  • 45+ Included Email Templates
  • Generate and Preview Email directly from Admin UI!
  • Extensive [if] shortcode support to create dynamically generated emails!
  • Wrap any emails sent in WP Job Manager or WooCommerce header/footer/style templates
  • Add custom CSS to any email template (WordPress 4.9+ uses CodeMirror)
  • Set custom delay (in hours) on email templates to delay them being sent (and whether or not to send based on status at time to send)
    For example, send email 4 hours after submission if and only if still pending payment
  • Temporarily disable emails from being sent on Listing, Resume, or Applications from admin area when saving!
  • Integrated email templating system, preview, and import with ease!
    • This also allows for Theme and Plugin developers to integrate their own templates!
  • Create unlimited custom Job/Listing, & Resume Expiration Emails
    • You can configure how many days prior to expiration to send email
  • Integrated shortcode (template variables) sidebar, click to automatically insert!
  • Full Support for Custom Statuses!
  • Full Support for  Single Status hooks (both custom and default)
  • Attach any file upload fields to emails!
  • Support for all custom fields in template from Job/Listing, Resume, or Application forms!
  • Beautifully designed UI (see screenshots)
  • Completely configure email to, reply-to, from name, from email, subject, message, bcc, attachments, and more (all support shortcodes to dynamically set values)

Custom Theme Integrations

Any theme should work with this plugin, the themes listed below have specific custom integration to support additional features

  • Cariera
    Specific integration includes support for Companies

Currently Supported Plugins

Know of another plugin or theme that has WP Job Manager specific emails?  Let me know and I’ll add compatibility with it!  Missing a hook/action from a plugin?  Let me know, i’ll add it!

Current Available/Supported Actions/Hooks

The list below includes all of the available hooks/actions which you can configure an email template to be sent.  You can also add any of your own by using the included WordPress filter, or just contact me and i’ll add one for you!  In an upcoming release there will be a user interface to add custom filters/hooks.

This is not a complete list of available action hooks, please see the full demo to demo the plugin, and view all available hooks.

If you have added your own custom statuses to any of the post types below, they will be available in the hook dropdown to choose from, for when to send the email when setting up your templates.  The list below is specific hooks added, and this is not a complete list of all available hooks.

Job (or Listings if using 3rd party theme) Actions/Hooks  (all statuses are supported)

  • Job Expiring Soon (with configurable days before expiration to send email)
  • New Job Published
  • New Job Pending Approval
  • New Job Pending Payment
  • Job Approved
  • Job Pending Payment Completed/Approved
  • Job Pending Payment Completed, Pending Approval
  • Job Expired
  • Job Relisted
  • Expired Job Removed
  • Job Removed
  • Job Alerts Email
  • New Job Claim Created on Frontend (user email)
  • New Job Claim Created on Frontend (admin email)
  • New Job Claim Created from Admin Area
  • Claim Updated (user email)
  • Claim Updated (admin email)
  • Job Featured
  • Job Un-Featured
  • Job Filled
  • Job Un-Filled
  • Job Updated (requires WP Job Manager 1.30.0+)

Resume Actions/Hooks (all statuses are supported)

  • Resume Email Based Application
  • Resume Expiring Soon (with configurable days before expiration to send email)
  • New Resume Published
  • New Resume Pending Approval
  • New Resume Pending Payment
  • Resume Approved
  • Resume Pending Payment Completed/Approved
  • Resume Pending Payment Completed, Pending Approval
  • Resume Expired
  • Resume Relisted
  • Expired Resume Removed
  • Resume Removed
  • Resume Updated/Saved from Frontend
  • Resume Location changed/updated
  • Resume Featured
  • Resume Un-Featured

Application Actions/Hooks (all statuses are supported)

  • New Application Employer Email
  • New Application Applicant Email
  • New Application updated to Interviewed
  • New Application updated to Offer Extended
  • New Application Archived
  • Interviewed Application to Offer Extended
  • Interviewed Application to Archived
  • Archived to Rejected
  • Offer Extended to Hired
  • Offer Extended to Archived

Reviews Actions/Hooks

  • New Review Submitted
  • New Review Pending Approval
  • Review Approved
  • Report Review (admin)
  • Report Review (listing owner)

Core Plugin Email Overrides

These actions allow you to override the default emails sent by the core WP Job Manager plugin, or any addon plugin you’re using.  If you create an email using action above (like new Job/Listing published, this will disable default emails from being sent).

  • New Job/Listing Submitted
  • New Resume Submitted
  • New Job/Listing Application (employer and applicant)
  • Applied with Resume (Job Application through Resumes plugin)
  • Job Alerts Email
  • New Claim Created (user email)
  • New Claim Created (admin email)
  • Claim Updated (user email)
  • Claim Updated (admin email)
  • Review Reported (admin email)
  • Review Reported (listing owner email)

Customize Core and Addon Plugin Emails

On top of being able to create an unlimited number of custom emails for almost any action/hook, you can also customize the default emails that are sent by the core WP Job Manager, as well as the addon plugins listed below.

  • Customize core New Job/Listing Submitted Emails
  • Customize core New Resume Submitted (Resumes Plugin) Emails
  • Customize core Applied with Resume (Resumes Plugin) Emails
  • Customize core New Job Application (Applications Plugin) Emails (employer & applicant emails)
  • Customize core Job Alert Emails
  • Customize core Claim Listing Emails
  • Customize core Review Listing Emails, as well as create custom ones
  • Customize core Private Messages email, as well as create custom  ones (Private Messages plugin)

Included Custom Shortcodes

To create completely customized emails, this plugin utilizes shortcodes to allow you to insert dynamic values (based on Resume, Job, or Application), with many additional advanced features, allowing you to create a completely custom, and styled email, exactly the way YOU want it.  Below are some of the custom shortcodes included that you can use in email templates, and these are only a few of what are included.  Shortcodes are also available for EVERY custom/default field from Job/Listing, Resume, Application, Job Alert, etc.  Below the shortcodes you will find additional features, and ways to completely customize your shortcode usage.

This is not a complete list of available shortcodes, please see the full demo to demo the plugin, and view all available hooks.

Want to be able to output a dynamic value in your email template?  Let me know and i’ll add it as a shortcode!  These are just a few of the included shortcodes (besides available conditional shortcodes, and Job/Listing, Resume, or Application field shortcodes).  Every shortcode can be used in To, From, Subject, Message, BCC, CC template fields.  Basically if there’s a field in the email template, you can use a shortcode in it.

General Shortcodes

  • [admin_email]  – will output the defined Administrator email (can be used in To, From, Subject, Message, BCC, or CC fields)
  •   – outputs a divider, see below for standard and advanced customizations of the divider
  • [date]  – outputs the current date when the email is sent.  Fully customizable using the format attribute (ie [date format=”Y-m-d”] )
  • [time]  – outputs the current time when the email is sent. Fully customizable using the format attribute (ie [time format=”g:i a”] )
  • [featured]  – whether or not the listing is featured (good for use in if shortcodes)
  • [current_user key=”user_login”]  – will output any key from current user when email is triggered (any WP_User value — user_login , user_email , user_firstname , user_lastname , display_name , ID  … etc)
  • [user_emails roles=”employer,candidate” exclude=”1,2,3″]  – will return a CSV of all user emails with specific role specified, you can also specify exclude and a CSV of user IDs to exclude from the list (CAUTION: depending on the size of your site this could cause a VERY large number of recipients.  In the next release, support will be added for sending emails individually)

Job/Listing Shortcodes

  • [job_id]  – will output the Job ID (if available)
  • [job_dashboard_url]  – outputs the full URL to Job Dashboard (as configured in settings).
  • [view_job_url]  – outputs full URL to view Job/Listing on frontend of site
  • [view_job_url_admin]  – output full URL to view Job/Listing in WP Admin
  • [approve_job_url_admin]  – output full URL to approve a Job Listing in admin area (user must already be logged in, valid for only 12-48 hours)
  • [job_fields]  – outputs all Job Fields (including custom ones)
  • [job_author key=”user_login”]  – job/listing author’s user data, key argument must be a value from WP_User (ie user_login user_nicename etc)
  • [job_author_email]  – job/listing author’s email
  • [job_author_name]  – job/listing author’s First and Last name (if set) (set first="true" or last="true" to output only first or last name)
  • [job_expires]  – job/listing expiration date
  • [job_meta]  – any other meta from a job listing, specified by key argument (ie [job_meta key=”geolocation_lat”] )
  • [job_posted_date]  – date job was posted at. Customize format with format key
  • [job_modified_date]  – date job was last modified at.  Customize format with format key

Resume Shortcodes

  • [resume_id]  – output Resume ID (if available)
  • [resume_dashboard_url]  – full URL to Resume Dashboard on frontend (as configured in settings)
  • [resume_url]  – full URL to view Resume on frontend (URL only works if Resume is Published/Active)
  • [view_resume_url]  – full URL to view Resume on frontend, regardless of status (with link Resume can be viewed even if pending, expired, etc)
  • [view_resume_url_admin]  – full URL to view/edit Resume in WP Admin
  • [approve_resume_url_admin]  – output full URL to approve a Resume Listing in admin area (user must already be logged in, valid for only 12-48 hours)
  • [job_applied_for_url]  – output full URL to Job Listing user submitted a Resume for when applying to a listing
  • [resume_fields]  – outputs all Resume Fields (including custom ones)
  • [new_resume_recipient]  – value of the “Notify Email Address(es)” in Resume Manager settings
  • [resume_author key=”user_login”]  – resume author’s user data, key argument must be a value from WP_User (ie user_login user_nicename etc)
  • [resume_author_email]  – email address of author who submitted the Resume
  • [resume_author_name]  – resume author’s First and Last name (if set) (set first="true" or last="true" to output only first or last name)
  • [application_message]  – user application message (if resume used for application)
  • [resume_expires]  – resume expiration date
  • [resume_meta]  – any other meta from a job listing, specified by key argument (ie [resume_meta key=”geolocation_lat”] )
  • [resume_posted_date]  – date resume was posted at. Customize format with format key
  • [resume_modified_date]  – date resume was last modified at.  Customize format with format key

Application Shortcodes

  • [from_name]  – value from Application form (field with from_name rule)
  • [from_email]  – value from Application form (field with from_email rule)
  • [application_id]  – output Application ID (if available)
  • [application_rating]  – output Application rating (if set)
  • [application_fields]  – output all Application Fields (including custom ones)
  • [view_app_url]  – full URL to Job Dashboard with arguments set to show Applications for Job ID
  • [view_app_url_admin]  – full URL to view Application in WP Admin
  • [app_meta]  – any other meta from a job listing, specified by key argument (ie [app_meta key=”geolocation_lat”] )

Job/Listing Alert Shortcodes

  • [alert_user_email]  – email address of user who created the job/listing alert
  • [alert_display_name]  – alert user’s display name configured in WordPress
  • [alert_name]  – name of the alert being sent
  • [alert_jobs]  – outputs results for job alerts (uses content_email-job_listing.php  template file)
  • [alert_next_date]  – the date the next alert will be sent
  • [alert_page_url]  – full URL to the alerts page on frontend
  • [alert_expirey]  – A sentence explaining if an alert will be stopped automatically
  • [days_before_expire]  – number of days for listing expires (for soon to expire email hook)

Claim Listing Shortcodes

  • [claimer_id]  – user ID of person submitting claim
  • [claimer_name]  – WordPress display name of user submitting claim
  • [claimer_login]  – WordPress login of user submitting claim
  • [claimer_email]  – Email of user submitting claim
  • [claim_data]  – Additional information provided by user submitting claim (if enabled in settings)
  • [claim_id]  – WordPress internal ID of claim
  • [claim_date]  – date claim was created
  • [claim_status]  – current status of claim
  • [claim_url]  – URL to view claim on frontend
  • [listing_title]  – Title from listing claim was submitted for
  • [listing_id]  – WordPress internal ID of listing claim submitted for
  • [listing_url]  – URL to view listing on frontend
  • [claim_edit_url]  – URL to edit claim in admin area
  • [claim_status_old]  – Previous claim status when claim updated (only available in update hook)

Screening Questions Shortcodes

  • [screening_questions]  – Outputs screening questions label and answers

Private Messages Shortcodes

  • [sender_name]  – WordPress display name of user who sent the Private Message
  • [sender_email]  – Email of user who sent the Private Message
  • [recipient_name]  – WordPress display name of user Private Message is sent to
  • [recipient_email]  – Email of user the Private Message is sent to
  • [message]  – Private Message …. message
  • [link_to_message]  – Link to view Private Message
  • [attachment]  – URL of attachment in Private Message (if any)

Review Listing Shortcodes

  • [reviewer_name]  – name entered in the review form
  • [reviewer_email]  – email from the review form
  • [reviewer_url]  – URL from the review form
  • [reviewer_ip]  – IP address the review was submitted from
  • [reviewer_review]  – Review content from review form
  • [reviewer_rating]  – Output specific rating value, you must pass the category argument with specific category to output rating for (ie. [reviewer_rating category=”Speed”] )
  • [reviewer_ratings]  – Output all star ratings
  • [reviewer_ratings_avg]  – average of all star ratings
  • [review_id]  – review ID from backend
  • [review_date]  – date review was submitted
  • [review_status]  – review status
  • [review_url]  – URL to view review on frontend
  • [review_edit_url]  – URL to edit review in admin area (admins only)

Depending on the email template hook/action, only the available shortcodes will be shown that are supported for that action.  Many actions/hooks support every shortcode you see above, as well as all custom fields, etc.  Conditional shortcodes are available in ALL email templates.  Supported shortcodes will be listed both in a sidebar and meta box when editing/creating an email template.

Conditional Shortcodes

Please see the 2.7.0 Release Blog Post for examples and details on how to use the IF shortcode, which includes MANY additional features not listed here.

  • Integrated [if METAKEY] shortcode
    • The if shortcode allows you to create if statements, to only output values, or text included inside the statement, if the meta key has a value.
      [if candidate_phone]
      Candidate Phone Number: [candidate_phone]
      Candidate phone not provided
  • Integrated [each METAKEY] shortcode
    • The [each] meta key allows you to create a loop through shortcodes/meta keys that have multiple values, and customize how each one is output.
      [each job_downloads]
      Download: <a href="[value]">[value]</a>

Standard Shortcode Arguments (Features)

The arguments below can be added in the opening shortcode tag, based on your preference.  Multiple arguments can be specified in a shortcode.  All this information is available in the help tab on the edit template page.

  • beforeString to output after field value (and label), if there is one.
    • example: [job_salary before=”$”]
  • after – String to output behind/after the value (if there is one)
    • example: [job_salary after=” per year”]
  • divider Customize the string used for building the divider (see advanced below), default is -
    • example: [job_salary divider divider=”_”]
  • repeat – Customize how many times to repeat the divider string, default is 12
    • example: [job_salary divider repeat=”12″]
  • order – Customize order of shortcode output and arguments. In the example below, we move before in front of top_divider.
    • default order is: top_divider,before,content,label,value,after,bottom_divider
    • example: [job_salary divider before=”<br>” order=”before,top_divider,content,label,value,after,bottom_divider”]
  • separator – Customize the separator used for any multiple field types (saved as array), such as file (multiple), and taxonomy field types.
    • The example below we use a line break instead of comma. Default separator is ,
    • example: [job_category separator=”<br>”]
  • skip_keys – Customize meta keys to skip when outputting groups of fields (like job_fields  and resume_fields ).
    • In this example below, we skip outputting the job_title  and job_file .
    • example: [job_fields skip_keys=”job_title,job_file”]

Advanced Shortcode Arguments (Features)

Advanced shortcode arguments can be mixed with standard shortcode arguments.Placement of advanced shortcode arguments does not matter (ie top before divider ). All this information is available in the help tab on the edit template page.

  • label – Adding the label argument will output the label for the field before the value.
    • example: [job_salary label]
  • divider –This will output a divider BOTH above AND below the value (see standard args for customizing divider).
    • This is the same as using [job_salary divider top bottom] .
    • example: [job_salary divider]
  • top – This will output a divider, but only the top divider. This argument should only be used along with the divider argument.
    • example: [job_salary divider top]
  • bottom – This will output a divider, but only the bottom divider. This argument should only be used along with the divider argument.
    • In the example below we output the label, and a bottom divider (if there’s a value).
    • example: [job_salary label divider bottom]

Other Notable Features

  • Action/Hook notices to alert when an email may not send due to core or addon plugin configurations.
  • Documentation included in WordPress help tab
  • Native core WordPress UI Integration
  • Fully documented PHP code
  • Dynamic Variables (values from fields) handled using Shortcodes
  • Enable/Disable email templates without removing them!
  • WPML duplicate listings are not sent by default (to prevent multiple emails)

Coming Soon

  • New user email notification customization
  • Password reset email notification customization
  • core WordPress email customizations

More Details

Requires PHP 5.3+ 
5.2 has been unsupported since 2011, there’s really no reason anybody should still be running 5.2, and if your hosting company is, you should tell them to upgrade immediately!

All emails are executed through WordPress Actions & Filters.  If there is a filter or action in one of the supported plugins you would like added to this plugin, please open a support ticket and let me know and I will add it (or if you know PHP you can with the filters/actions already in this plugin codebase).


Product Enquiry

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License Type

Individual Basic, Individual Premium, Individual Elite, Developer Basic, Developer Premium, Developer Elite

24 reviews for WP Job Manager Emails

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Wonderful Plugins.
    It’s really very easy and provide excellent functionality. Thank you very much for a great Plugins.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Superb plugin! It’s really flexible to add in each individual field, way better than anything I’ve seen for WooCommerce Email Template designers! The support is very good and efficient, I’m very satisfied!

    Chapeau to the developer!

    Daniel S.
    Dallas, Texas

  3. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Great product! WP Job Manager needs this in order to easily read the application info, should really be a standard function. Pre-sales support wasn’t so great, sent 2 emails and never received a response, but I do love the plugin! Thank you!

    • (verified owner):

      Sorry about that, I try to stay on top of pre-sales but sometimes they get lost in the large amount of emails I receive as well as caught by spam trap, when sometimes they are not actually spam. I’m working on a new system to handle pre-sales questions that would be outside of emails and would be easier to track and make sure everyone gets a response.

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Excellent. Works very well with the other plugins, e.g. I added 20+ fields with the Field Editor plugin so this saved me a lot of time manually including the new fields in emails.

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I’ve had the pleasure of using Myles McNamara’s plugin for a few years now. The plugin allows for nice and easy customization of emails that goes beyond a cookie cutter solution. And, I can tell you without hesitation, that Myles cares about his customers! He isn’t afraid to teach a novice like me a couple of things here and there.

  6. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Really, I cannot imagine running a job board without this plugin. The best part is that there is virtually no learning curve. No real need to read any instructions, just look for its menu under Job Listings and Resumes, select a pre-made template and you’re good to go!

  7. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Works great.

  8. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Great features + ready made templates. If you want to bring your Job Board project to the next level, this plugin is a must! I saved hundreds of hours and money. Thank you!

  9. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Myles created a very helpful plugin that allowed us to fill the missing gaps to enable seamless communication with our users! It is easy to set up and very intuitive. Myles is also very helpful in helping out with issues and in our case, he even released a new version of the plugin to fix our compatibility issues.

    Highly recommended!

  10. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This plugin saved me countless hours of development. Not only that, the plugin has a fantastic interface that our clients can easily use.

    We have quite a complex website and this plugin allowed us to complete the setup with slick looking emails that can be easily updated as the site grows.

    There were some tricky bits to sort out but Myles managed to fix everything, fantastic support!

    Highly recommend this plugin, vantastic value and wonderfully built.

  11. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Definite must have when using the WP Job Manager plugin. Very robust and highly customizable. It’s awesome. Thank you!

  12. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Needed to be able to change “from” address and CC multiple others. Did the trick, thank you!

  13. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Worked perfectly! A feature that really should be included with the core WP Job Manager plugin, but since it’s not, this plugin is vital for anyone that needs to be notified when jobs (or in our case, locations using the Listify Theme) get submitted to the site.

    Thank you!

  14. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Love this plugin. I was able to install this without paying our web developer, saving us quite a bit of money. The interface is really easy to use and the ability to turn emails on/off by type is very intuitive. I just can’t say enough good things about this plugin. GREAT JOB!’

    Looking forward to new user by role emails that’s coming soon!


  15. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The plugin work perfectly, I had a little problem with backend access but the customer service has answer me immediately and fixed the problem.

  16. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    WP Job Manager Emails is a great tool what does exactly what you expects it to do – and even more. 🙂 Thanks for the great work!

  17. 5 out of 5


    This must be an immediate purchase after every install of WP Job Manager. I cannot believe this is not part of the core software. This is the missing key to making WP Job Manager amazing. It’s a no-brainer purchase and I cannot thank you enough. I would not be able to create the website I wanted without this plugin. I just hope you don’t realize all this and raise the price for my renewals now! 😉

  18. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Great plugin and wonderful support!! Definitely recommend!

  19. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Hi Myles,

    It’s a good plugins which saved a lot of time and work very well on my website. The support is also wonderful, which is fast and very prompt and hope that you will continue to update these plugins for a better work experience. 🙂



  20. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Saved me tones of time being able to edit the emails without updating core files, fantastic plugin and support has gone above and beyond. Thanks again!

    • (verified owner):

      Thank you for the kind review, glad the plugin works great and has helped out!

  21. 4 out of 5


    Any timeline on the update?

  22. 5 out of 5


    Any update on the timeline?

    • (verified owner):

      Yes version 2.0 has been released which includes TONS of major new features, make sure and check out the product page for all the details!

  23. 5 out of 5


    Hi there.

    Can’t get the enquiry message to work, so posting here.

    Do you know when you are implementing the job alerts emails? Thanks, Pete

    • (verified owner):

      Yup! Version 2.0 has been released which includes FULL integration with job alert emails!

  24. 5 out of 5


    Hi Myles,
    is there a ETA for the next version? I need the multiple e-mail option for roles and the application enhancement.
    thanks for this plugin!

    • (verified owner):

      It is currently being worked on, but unfortunately at this time I do not have an estimated release date. Hopefully within the next week or two.

    • (verified owner):

      Version 2.0 has been released which includes all TONS of new features, including the one you’re looking for!

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