1.12.10 – December 7, 2023

  • NEW Support for Cariera >= 1.7.2
  • FIX company_logo not removed on relist on package upgrade/downgrade
  • FIX random errors when saving due to count (from 1.12.9)
  • FIX check that default fields exist before saving (from 1.12.9)
  • FIX Italian translations causing PHP errors on PHP8+ (from 1.12.8)
  • FIX PHP Fatal error when job_tags set to admin only field (from 1.12.7)
  • FIX Listable theme double loading google maps API (from 1.12.6)

1.12.9 – September 15, 2023 pre-release

  • FIX random errors when saving due to count
  • FIX check that default fields exist before saving

1.12.8 – June 20, 2023 pre-release

  • FIX Italian translations causing PHP errors on PHP8+

1.12.7 – March 2, 2023 pre-release

  • FIX PHP Fatal error when job_tags set to admin only field

1.12.6 – January 15, 2023 pre-release

  • FIX Listable theme double loading google maps API

1.12.5 – November 30, 2022

  • UPDATE/FIX PHP8+ Compatibility
  • NEW textarea field template and support for default value
  • FIX Astoundify Company Listings and MAS Company Listings not saving custom fields correctly
  • FIX wp_editor logic issues when editor initialized before page loads, support undo to trigger check, consider newline as empty string
  • FIX remove company_logo when user switches packages and field is not set to show in new package

1.12.3 – July 31, 2022

  • NEW added classes to body element on edit job/resume/company page (edit-job-page/edit-resume-page/edit-company-page)
  • NEW added object caching for pulling attachment IDs from URLs (when using output as WordPress Gallery)
  • FIX PHP Fatal error on 3rd party company fields pages
  • FIX Astoundify Regions overriding placeholder customizations for Taxonomy Select fields
  • Added filters for WorkScout/Cariera “overview” page output to disable CSV for multi-field values
  • Added missing french range separator for flatpickr date picker

1.12.2 – February 17, 2022

  • NEW Empty Meta Cleaner existing meta cleanup handling/integration – SEE THIS BLOG POST
  • REMOVED empty meta removal on save listing, in favor of new Empty Meta Cleanup plugin (free)
  • FIX repeatable fields being removed when saved from admin, and those repeatable fields have been customized using Field Editor

1.12.1 – January 25, 2022 – Release Notes

  • FIX prevent error when using Techbrise version of Companies plugin (same as Astoundify but with different file names)

1.12.0 – January 18, 2022 Release Notes

  • NEW Prevent core from saving empty meta values in database (more details)
  • NEW include field (meta value) in REST API (Advanced tab in field config)
  • NEW support for disabling auto populate on resume default fields (candidate_name, candidate_email, etc)
  • NEW support for using multiple meta keys in auto populate (must be separate by a space)
  • NEW file upload template for Cariera 1.5.1+
    Older versions are still supported with the legacy file upload template
  • NEW support for Astoundify Companies addon 3rd party plugin
  • FIX field values remaining on listing when relisting and different package is selected (that does not support those fields)
  • FIX field values for package remaining on listing when user saves as Draft and then selects a different package when actually submitting
  • FIX support for Cariera rate/languages/facebook/twitter/linkedin/instagram/youtube field associations
    Cariera uses different meta keys for these fields in admin and frontend, this update handles the association of these fields when you customize them so you don’t see duplicates
  • Added more robust WP Editor “paste” handling when set as required field
  • FIX “enter a multiple of 0” error in Listify/Jobify for number fields (with new Listify/Jobify frontend validation)
  • FIX check for Cariera Company Manager submit company class
  • FIX hidden columns on terms for dynamic child taxonomies
  • FIX Cariera warning on select field for empty value
  • FIX date field being converted to “display” format when being used to populate a field
  • FIX wp-editor field type not maintaining paragraphs when editing a listing
  • FIX empty listing values (or listing ID) when package selection after entering listing details, and user goes back and selects a different package
  • FIX PHP fatal error when range output is enabled, then disabled by user in configuration, and a range field is configured to be output

1.11.7 (pre-release) – November 15, 2021

  • Initial (beta) support for Astoundify Companies addon

1.11.6 (pre-release) – September 10, 2021

  • Fix Listify/Jobify new validation handling

1.11.5 (pre-release) – June 21, 2021

  • Set default step for number field

1.11.4 (pre-release) – April 29, 2021

  • Fix listing ID zeroed out when original package selected for listing does not new selected package (when package selection after entering details)

1.11.2 – February 23, 2021

  • FIX HTML5 Validation for WP Editor Fields (unable to submit form even when field has a value)
    If you’re using WordPress 5.6.0+ please update to this version to fix form submission errors or disable HTML5 validation from Field Editor Settings page
  • FIX Placeholder support for Taxonomy Single Select field types
  • FIX dynamic child taxonomies not removing required flag on child fields (when parent is required)
  • NEW use hidden download URL for  resume_file when output through plugin
  • Dequeue Rank Math SEO CMB2 sloppy dev enqueue on plugin pages (again)
  • Fixed legacy enqueue of chosen.css (only enqueue on pages with wpjm shortcode)


1.11.1 – January 21, 2021

  • FIX output as for auto output showing output locations (and not output as types)
  • FIX Cariera/WorkScout Overview output with multiple locations (additional in incorrect format)
  • FIX Cariera/WorkScout Apply Now button showing outside Overview

If you output in WorkScout/Cariera to “Overview” section with an icon, and want to output in “additional outputs”, the meta location should be the main output if you don’t want the icon output with the other locations.


1.11.0 – January 19, 2021

  • NEW support for sortable file uploads on mobile devices
  • NEW added checkbox-field.php template (for autopopulate support)
  • NEW added WorkScout theme sidebar icon output support*
  • NEW JobHunt theme auto output location support (44 total)
  • NEW initial support for MAS Company Manager field customizations
  • NEW remove auto populate params from form action URL*
  • FIX auto output list ordering and duplicates for company output locations
  • FIX HTML5 required handling for WP Editor fields not loading in some situations (when unable to detect shortcode on page)
  • FIX pagination showing no fields for company fields from job listings
  • FIX admin only fields not showing in Search and Filtering plugin
  • FIX dynamic taxonomies not showing existing values in some situations
  • FIX issues with Apus Listing theme not saving hours field correctly
  • Added field_editor_get_autopopulate_get_value filter for auto populate values
  • Added filter for get_company_id_from_job() function to define custom meta key that stores company id
  • Added RankMath SEO, AyeCode, and UsersWP to sloppy dev dequeues
  • Updated text-field.php template file
  • Prep Chosen.JS path for WP Job Manager 1.35.0+ release

*WorkScout theme sidebar output only works for Job Listing Meta Start, Meta End, & Meta After auto output locations.  For resumes it’s Meta Start and Meta End.  To set the custom icon, select one of those auto output locations, enable full and value wrapper, and in the output classes, enter the Font Awesome icon classes.

*Removing the auto populate params fixes issues when a taxonomy is defined and causes an error on submit.  This requires WP Job Manager 1.35.0+ (not released yet), if you need patch for WPJM open a support ticket I will help you with it.

1.10.1 – September 16, 2020 – 1.10.0+ Release Announcement Here

NOTE: If you’re upgrading from version older than 1.10.0, please see below!

  • NEW setting to enable using Select2/Chosen on single Select/Dropdown fields (under Fields tab in settings)
  • FIX Select2 not initializing on fields hidden by Conditional Logic
  • FIX Output CSV setting not showing for checklist field types
  • FIX added back missing icons for conditional logic area

1.10.0 – September 3, 2020 – Release Announcement Here

NOTE: This version switches to Select2 instead of Chosen.js!
NOTE: WP Job Manager 1.32.0+ is required for this update (released January 2019)

  • NEW Select2 now used by default instead of Chosen.JS (MAKE SURE TO TEST YOUR SITE!!)
  • NEW reCAPTCHA v2 “Invisible” type ( details )
  • NEW Support for Cariera theme ( details )
  • NEW Support for Cariera Companies
  • NEW Support for WP Company Manager  ( details )
  • NEW support for using existing Capstone Google Maps API Script (if registered)
  • NEW compatibility with Front theme custom admin job fields saving
  • FIX WorkScout rate_min rate_max unable to customize in both field groups (job & resume)
  • FIX custom field configuration matching existing when same meta key used in different groups (job & resume)
  • FIX WordPress 5.5 issues with checkboxes not showing as selected (even though they are selected)
  • FIX conditional logic previous logic not cleared when multiselect deselected in different order than selected
  • FIX Term Multiselect field type not respecting html5 disabled setting
  • FIX cron jobs being registered even when already registered
  • FIX dynamic child taxonomy child field that is optional (when parent required) showing as required
  • FIX dynamic child taxonomies not showing original selections when PHP validation error when editing a listing
  • FIX field values sometimes being output twice when action hook has similar name
  • UPDATED multiselect-field.php select-field.php term-multiselect-field.php & term-select-field.php template files
  • Updated Select2 library from 4.0.5 to 4.0.13 (to match version WPJM uses)
  • Moved label colon filter to work for both single and multiple value field outputs (was previously only single) & added label_show_colon shortcode arg
  • Added new meta saved to custom field configuration (post_type)
  • Added bridge theme qodef-ui-admin to sloppy dev dequeues
  • Added WP All Import scripts to sloppy dev dequeues
  • Numerous enhancements and speed improvements

1.9.2 – May 6, 2020

  • FIX output as value outputs being duplicated

1.9.1 – May 3, 2020

  • NEW support for output of Header, HTML, and Action Hook field types (auto output, shortcode, widget & PHP)
  • NEW [each_custom_field] shortcode to customize multiple value field outputs (documentation link)
  • NEW added specific class and ID attributes to reCAPTCHA wrapper HTML elements
  • NEW support for “scaled” images from WordPress when output as Gallery
  • NEW support/setting for Client Side only Google Maps/Places Auto Suggest API key (separate from server-side)
  • NEW added wp_list_categories argument for output to output using hierarchal <ul> and <li> tags (using native WordPress wp_list_categories)
  • NEW added setting to disable using field editor field template files on application form (under Settings > Fields)
  • NEW added setting to disable using Chosen.js in place of Select2 (if enabled dynamic taxonomies & max selected will NOT work, some conditional logic may have issues)
  • FIX Listify card auto output sometimes not working (when some fields have no metadata)
  • FIX custom taxonomies not being output in some situations when using auto output feature
  • FIX radio field type not supporting decimal values
  • FIX label wrapper attributes not being applied to multi field outputs
  • FIX updater only show key notice is no api key is set
  • FIX backend conditional logic failing and not setting “required” fields hidden by logic to “optional” to prevent required error
  • Added compatibility code for Select2 when using WooCommerce and Ultimate Member (Github Issue)
  • Added field_editor_output_as_li_value_wrap_enabled filter to allow programmatically enabling value wrapper when li is set true for output
  • Added reset fields handling for when core WPJM adds reset method to fix conditional fields showing when validation error
  • This is the last patch version that will support Chosen.JS (legacy select), as the next version, 1.10.0 will switch to using Select2 (which is default for WP Job Manager now).
  • Updated field template files (only for select2 initial support): term-multiselect-field.php term-select.php multiselect.php

1.9.0 – November 26, 2019

  • NEW Field Options import from CSV file
  • NEW Field Options clear all button
  • NEW Added support for geolocation fields output in shortcode/function output
  • NEW Added range-description class to range field type, and display: initial(templates/form-fields/range-field.php updated)
  • NEW support for “Placeholder” in Field Options Label (To use set first/top option should have empty value, Default and Disabled checked, placeholder to use in Label)
  • FIX Fatal error when using WPML String Translation 3.x+
  • FIX admin area checklist not saving when all values unchecked
  • FIX options being reset when switching from checklist field type to other multiple value field type (that supports options)
  • FIX Autocomplete field type options not being passed on autocomplete JS initialization (for user customization)
  • FIX Checkbox output not considering 0 or “0” as false/empty field
  • FIX incorrectly nested <li> elements for multi-value fields when output is in <li> based meta location
  • FIX term-select field not respecting placeholder value (templates/form-fields/term-select-field.php updated)
  • FIX Internet Exploder (Explorer) 11 ‘Object doesn’t support property or method findIndex’ error for conditional logic handling
  • FIX conversion of custom date format (when enabled in settings) not converting date back to correct year
  • FIX hidden field type showing when some themes have CSS to show fieldset (templates/form-fields/hidden-field.php updated)
  • FIX/OPTIMIZE empty values are no longer set on listing meta (for custom fields) when field is hidden by conditional logic (when new listing is created).  Edited listings where changes hide field from logic will still update that meta to empty value (basically less db entries when not necessary)
  • FIX/OPTIMIZE only initialize Mobile Detect once when initializing conditional logic output handling
  • FIX/OPTIMIZE auto output, only attempt to output the value if it actually exists on a listing meta (faster processing by skipping fields with no value)
  • OPTIMIZE Conditional Logic only pull Chosen fields once instead of each field in loop

1.8.20 – July 19, 2019

  • NEW allow reset in logic JSON editor by using CONFIRM_RESET as value when saving
  • FIX conditional logic required issues for radio button hidden fields
  • FIX WP Editor default value not being set in some instances
  • FIX conditional logic recursive loop issue when caching is disabled
  • Added wrapper class and float: left for checklist description wrapper (to show description below)

1.8.19 – July 12, 2019

  • NEW support for -X (minus X days) on Max Date, and +X (plus X days) on Min Date on flatpickr date pickers
  • NEW support for Auto Populate from GET for taxonomy field types, including dynamic child taxonomies
  • NEW use internal job_manager_field_editor_get_template_value for term-select.php and term-multiselect.php field templates (to support filter, populate from GET, etc)
  • NEW Admin Setting – Required/Optional label (under admin tab) to show required/optional label in admin area
  • NEW Admin Setting – Description Output (under admin tab) to show Description below field input instead of in [?] popover/tooltip
  • NEW update admin area url, tel, number, range to use template files (for HTML5 required support)
  • NEW support for default value in WP Editor field types
  • FIX Additional Output locations in Auto Output not saving when only 1 is selected
  • FIX Additional Output locations in Auto Output not saving when removing all additional locations
  • FIX Conditional Logic Editor error (not saving) when Resume Manager is not installed
  • FIX Flatpickr Output As (Display) not loading site specific locale
  • FIX reCAPTCHA not validating when saving job as Draft
  • FIX dynamic child taxonomy showing “Unknown” in some situations
  • FIX job_type with dynamic child taxonomy enabled showing as single in admin area
  • FIX php undefined index ‘value’ in date field in newer versions of WPJM
  • FIX classes set in auto output config not applying when li is set true
  • FIX admin area not showing description for multiselect fields
  • FIX admin area text input support required flag
  • FIX radio buttons support for HTML5 required flag
  • FIX checklist, autocomplete, and multiselect not showing optional/required label (if enabled)
  • FIX placeholder not showing in term dropdown select fields
  • FIX company fields setting empty value even when auto populate is disabled (due to core setting empty value)
  • FIX radio button field not using default to set default value
  • FIX checklist field not using default to set default value
  • FIX flatpickr fail on French August parsing
  • ADD field_editor_has_wpjm_shortcode filter to internal has_wpjm_shortcode fn
  • ADD file-field.php template for Cariera theme (for field editor feature support)
  • ADD Slovenian locale for flatpickr date picker
  • ADD PetSitter custom shortcodes to internal has_wpjm_shortcode function
  • ADD Bridge Theme Qode to dequeue sloppy dev to prevent JS error on edit field pages
  • ADD Listable uploaded-file-html.php template override due to bug in their own template file not correctly parsing attachment ID

1.8.16 – April 5, 2019

  • MAJOR FIX resume repeatable fields not showing correctly
  • FIX HTML5 required setting showing as disabled in admin area, when disable admin html5 required is checked
  • FIX Flatpickr Calendar output — disable flatpickr attempting to use mobile native pickers

1.8.15 – March 29, 2019

  • NEW checklist field type (non-taxonomy)
  • NEW Flatpickr Calendar Output As (when using Flatpickr date picker)
  • NEW added filter for customizing URL param for autopopulate  (ie /submit-listing/?job_title=X)
  • FIX default field options not being overridden for themes with custom options
  • FIX Flatpickr custom themes not being loaded in some situations
  • FIX Conditional logic issues when used with Dynamic Child Taxonomies
  • FIX Allow disabling taxonomy field type, even if taxonomy does not exist
  • Added stockholm theme to sloppy dev dequeue

1.8.12 – March 2, 2019

  • FIX submit resume page not loading multiselect CSS correctly
  • FIX term-checklist not respecting max selected when editing a listing
  • FIX localize chosen args tied to multiselect/term-multiselect for sites loading their own chosen lib
  • FIX term-checklist not allowing unselect existing selected when using max selected feature
  • FIX  job/application_deadline & resume/job_expires flatpickr date picker support
  • FIX  job/application_deadline validation errors when using Y/m/d formats
  • NEW added fallback support for flatpickr time picker time format character G
  • NEW added setting to disable HTML5 required in admin area
  • NEW flatpickr date picker now uses Y-m-d format in hidden field for Y-m-d required fields, while still showing WordPress date format to user
  • NEW make sure field editor chosen fields are still shown correctly when themes add CSS to hide them
  • Added auto output support callback for company_listing and resume_listing hooks
  • Add someCapstone theme compatibility and integration handling

1.8.11 – February 12, 2019 – Update Blog Post

  • MAJOR FIX job_description not saving when edited from frontend of site (introduced in 1.8.9 release)
  • FIX WP Job Manager Products not respecting max selected options
  • NEW added hooks before and after each field template file:

    FIELD should be replaced with the associated field filename (without .php).  As example, for term-multiselect-field.php it would be field_editor_before_output_template_term-multiselect-field

1.8.10 – February 8, 2019 – Update Blog Post

  • NEW added CSS to hide Select2 box init by other plugins/themes on Field Editor fields, to prevent showing duplicate dropdown/multiselect boxes for the same field
  • PLEASE see below for all MAJOR changes in this version, specifically 1.8.9 below

1.8.9 – February 6, 2019 – Update Blog Post

  • NEW — WP Job Manager 1.32.0+ Compatibility ( more details )
     ↳ Temporarily reverts back to using Chosen.JS for field editor fields (for logic, dynamic tax, and other feature support)
     Select2 still supported for other WPJM fields
    See this blog post for full details
  • NEW support for multiple Auto Output locations (for single field)
  • NEW Sortable image/file AJAX uploads (in settings under Fields tab)
  • NEW HTML5 Required support for WP Editor, Taxonomy Select, Taxonomy Multiselect, Multiselect, Select, Flatpickr Date, and Flatpickr Time field types (including mobile support)
             ↳ Please make sure to test your form if you’re using this feature!

             ↳ Read the blog post for more details!
  • FIX Flatpickr time picker disabled on mobile when initially hidden by conditional logic
  • FIX Flatpickr HTML5 required validation on mobile devices
  • NEW/FIX mobile device compatibility for max selected options
  • NEW/FIX mobile device support for dynamic child taxonomy fields
  • NEW/FIX dynamic child taxonomy fields not showing select box on mobile devices
  • NEW setting (in output tab) to disable wrapping multi value field output label inside div
  • NEW dynamic class for multiple field type outputs (using index key) when using value wrapper (to make it easy to target specific fields)
  • NEW field_editor_text_field_attributes filter for custom text field attributes
    text-field.php template file has been updated to add this
  • FIX auto output full wrapper not wrapping around label output
  • FIX Jobify/Listify multiselect field styles showing incorrectly
  • FIX prevent overwriting job_description and/or resume_description when set as admin only field, and listing is updated on frontend
  • FIX conditional logic contains/not contains js error when actual value returned is null
  • FIX  term-select field conditional logic error when unable to detect exists/length
  • FIX Logic not triggering on term-select due to missing job-manager-category-dropdown class
  • FIX few minor issues with Regions addon styling and Chosen/Select2 fields
  • FIX dynamic taxonomy child field dynamically insert description div/content
  • FIX do not return any “chosen” fields when visitor is on mobile device
  • Added WP Soap API, and GS Logo Slider Pro to sloppy dev scripts/styles enqueue to dequeue on field editor plugin pages

1.8.5 – November 2, 2018 – Update Blog Post

  • NEW Dynamic Taxonomy Child Dropdowns (more info + tutorial video)
    dynamic dropdowns for child terms with these features:
    Required OR Not Required
            ↳ Single OR Multiple 
            ↳ Max selected options
            ↳ Custom Placeholders
  • NEW Exclude specific terms from taxonomy field types
  • NEW Output as CSV setting for multiple field types (in advanced tab)
  • NEW Disable load translation files setting in Debug tab (to force use English)
  • NEW backend validation for conditional logic fields
  • NEW added oEmbed output args filter ( field_editor_output_as_oembed_args )
  • NEW HTML5 validation on dynamic child chosen.js fields ( more info )
  • FIX conditional logic on taxonomy field types sometimes showing “optional” on validation error
  • FIX company_logo not output correctly when used in widget or shortcode
  • FIX application_deadline/job_deadline when using Flatpickr save as invalid format
  • FIX output tab showing for default fields (when not enabled in setting)
  • FIX PHP warning about ‘type’ key not existing in array
  • FIX chosen.js fields in admin not showing full width (when Chosen loaded by other theme/plugin)
  • ADDED term-select-field.php template file
  • UPDATED term-multiselect-field.php template file
  • Added CSS for Jobify & Listify themes to fix display issues with Chosen fields
  • Added output of compatibility CSS on Resume Submit page for Jobify & Listify
  • Updated conditional logic taxonomy fields to pull values (more reliable method)
  • Added “Service Finder” css/js to sloppy devs dequeue
  • Added “Code in PHP” css/js to sloppy devs dequeue
  • Added “Buy Sell Ads Pro” css/js to sloppy devs dequeue

1.8.3 – September 6, 2018

  • NEW Google Maps AutoComplete field type
  • NEW output as Audio (core WordPress audio shortcode)
  • NEW output as Video (core WordPress video shortcode)
  • NEW support for auto output on default fields (must be enabled from settings)
  • NEW support for auto populate in repeatable fields (education, experience, and links)
  • FIX WordFence false positive detections
  • FIX custom classes not being added to value wrapper output
  • Added bp-redirect to sloppy devs dequeue
  • Added job_manager_field_editor_output_as_link_output_caption filter

1.8.2 – June 20, 2018

  • NEW – Added top and bottom of resume description auto output locations
  • NEW – Use option label value when outputting option field type as link
  • FIX – Label being output when field is array and value saved is empty array
  • FIX – job_application_end and job_application_start auto output locations not outputting correctly
  • FIX – Shortcode logic fix when no args passed and field has a value
  • FIX – Conditional logic “disabled” field showing enabled if another group evals true to show field
  • Added field_editor_save_custom_fields_populate_save_user_meta filter for populate save user meta to allow preventing saving value to user meta
  • Added dokan, wpcf, swift framework, bontact widget, and cardinal theme to sloppy devs js/css dequeue

1.8.1 – April 11, 2018 – Update Blog Post

  • NEW customize logic show/hide animation/transitions using Velocity.JS
  • NEW if_custom_field  if shortcode for conditional shortcode output — read more
  • NEW support for Flatpickr Date Picker client side required validation
  • NEW allow passing custom values for conditional logic through filters — read more
  • FIX logic configuration allowing admin only fields to be selected — read more
  • FIX time picker on mobile device unable to use when initially hidden by conditional logic
  • FIX pods CSS causing licensing input box to show collapsed
  • FIX select field options output label instead of value not working
  • FIX conditional logic issues not recognizing job_region/resume_region as Chosen fields
  • Removed automatic scroll to bottom of page when add section in admin are logic configuration
  • Misc admin area logic display issues (showing OR, or saying AND instead of IF, etc)

1.8.0 – March 25, 2018

  • NEW conditional logic editor & restore/backup (access from settings backup tab)
  • NEW Flatpickr date picker support for job_deadlinejob_expires, resume_expires, and application_deadline
  • NEW automatic handling for Y-m-d date format required fields (save to db as Y-m-d format)
  • NEW visibility plugin integration switch output as to value for placeholders
  • NEW support HTML5 required on jQuery UI date pickers
  • NEW support for repeatable fields in conditional logic
  • NEW override Listify !important on section headers hidden by conditional logic
  • NEW hidden input field type
  • NEW setting to enable Chosen.JS in admin area (disabled by default)
  • NEW output_csv  shortcode attribute to output multi-values in CSV
  • NEW setting to enable output of range field prepend/append values
  • NEW shortcode attribute prepend and append for output of value
  • NEW support for WP Job Manager 1.30.0+ datepicker hidden field Y-m-d formatting
  • NEW documentation for conditional shortcodes
  • FIX nested previous state issues in conditional logic
  • FIX required support for hidden file upload fields (by logic)
  • FIX conditional logic issues with radio button values
  • FIX default option not being set on select/dropdown fields
  • FIX Listify Card actions auto outputs transient not flushing when field config changes
  • FIX only init plugin if WP Job Manager activated (to prevent fatal errors)
  • FIX resume list table bulk actions not working
  • FIX flatpickr not loading localization files correctly
  • FIX admin area radio button not considering zero (0) a value
  • FIX admin auto populate only on new listings
  • FIX Resume Manager class check
  • FIX FacetWP taxonomy links support for non-standard prefix
  • Check that locate_job_manager_template function exists before attempting to load flatpickr override template
  • Dequeue PixelGrade Care styles on field editor pages

1.7.10 – November 13, 2017

  • NEW File Max Image Dimensions (width & height)
  • NEW disable reCAPTCHA for logged in users
  • NEW FacetWP “source_other” handling and support
  • FIX taxonomy multiselect conditional logic on page load
  • FIX taxonomy checklist conditional logic support
  • FIX section header conditional logic support
  • FIX reposting listing (with package) not loading original values
  • FIX time picker placeholder not showing on mobile devices
  • FIX populate from URL checkbox staying checked after save
  • FIX facetwp flatpickr multiple values (convert to facetwp Y-m-d format)
  • FIX checkbox false not showing label if no value saved to field
  • FIX taxonomy checklist PHP warnings if max selected not set
  • Make sure mime types are not translated (make sure to remove any “image” or “image/jpeg” from translation plugins)

1.7.9 – October 13, 2017

  • NEW Conditional Field Logic (beta)
  • NEW added max selections support for taxonomy checklist fields
  • FIX Flatpickr translation files not being loaded and allow user overrides
    Place the custom flatpickr .js translation file in a flatpickr directory inside child theme to override
  • FIX array_key_exists PHP warning from Listify cards without actions
  • FIX user unable to  edit a job if ‘chosen_package_id’ cookie exists
  • FIX image/jpeg being translated in some instances
  • FIX sloppy developers loading assets on Updater pages

1.7.5 – September 6, 2017

  • FIX update still showing available after upgrading to 1.7.4
    • Sorry about this, forgot to update the version number in the main plugin file so even though the plugin was updated to 1.7.4, it was still showing as version 1.7.3, and that an update to 1.7.4 was available.  Updating to version 1.7.5 will fix this issue.

1.7.4 – September 5, 2017

  • NEW Listify 2.0+ Listing Cards Auto Output support
  • NEW FacetWP support for Flatpickr range date fields
  • NEW FacetWP support for Flatpickr multiple date fields
  • NEW field_editor_output_field_as_link_target  filter for link output targets (default is _blank )
  • FIX ajax uploads not respecting custom mime types
  • FIX using 0 (zero) as min/max on number field type
  • FIX mime types being translated on some situations

1.7.3 – July 27, 2017

  • NEW Astoundify Listing Payments support
  • NEW option with only hyphen () value now considered a false value, and will not output on frontend
  • NEW filter (field_editor_the_custom_field_output_as_false_values ) for false values to prevent output
  • FIX some values not saved when preview step is removed (rare)
  • FIX taxonomy multi-select selecting more than max allowed (when saved previously)
  • FIX clear package cookie when new package selected after preview
  • FIX blank media files added to media library when widget configured with gallery output but field removed
  • Make sure valid URL before attempting to insert as attachment for WordPress Image Gallery output
  • Default fields are now pulled from new instance of form to prevent mangling field array during validation

1.7.2 – June 20, 2017

  • NEW WordPress Image Gallery (output as)
  • NEW applications reCAPTCHA support
  • NEW configuration setting to enable searching all meta from search form
  • NEW execute shortcodes inside new WordPress 4.8+ text widget
  • NEW patch for unauthenticated ajax uploads for older WP Job Manager versions
  • NEW added support for default date in Flatpickr date pickers
  • NEW setting to enable outputting dynamic metakey-value class on value wrapper
  • NEW CSS added to show single Checkbox inline with label when using Listable
  • NEW function/filter to pull value for template files
  • FIX Guest AJAX Upload Issues (WP Job Manager 1.26.2+)
  • FIX disabled fields showing when clicking edit from preview page before submission
  • FIX fallback support for older WooCommerce 2.x versions
  • FIX issue with WC packages that include quotes or commas in title
  • FIX standard multiselect field required attribute conflict with Chosen.JS
  • FIX WCPL Subscriptions incorrect fields showing after trial ends or order put on-hold
  • FIX quicktags buttons in WP Editor showing vertically
  • FIX possible fatal error when using old WooCommerce 2.x versions
  • FIX checkbox false default caption output
  • Disabled URL, Email, and TEL field types from being set for job_tags field
  • Removed invalid auto output location for Jobera theme
  • Added pre update post meta filter to specify metakey to update

1.7.1 – May 1, 2017 – (1.7.0 patch)

1.7.0 – April 28, 2017 – Release Demo Video

  • NEW WooCommerce 3.x Compatibility and Handling
  • NEW WooCommerce Advanced Paid Listings Integration/Support
  • NEW Max Upload Filesize metakey configuration
  • NEW flatpickr Date Picker Field Type (Range, Multiple, Single) with Mix/Max Settings
  • NEW flatpickr Time Picker Field Type (themes, and increment)
  • NEW Shortcode Conditional handling (if_equals , if_contains , [else] , etc)
  • NEW set user’s avatar based on user meta key (in settings)
  • NEW output label over value (on per field basis)
  • NEW output, value, and label wrapper HTML attributes setting
  • NEW FacetWP setting to output taxonomy links to filtered listings page
  • NEW WorkScout Auto Output locations (5 total)
  • NEW Jobify Widget Auto Output locations (3 total)
  • NEW Listify Auto Output locations (9 total)
  • NEW Auto Populate fields from URL parameters
  • NEW top of job description auto output location
  • NEW FacetWP translate field editor options before output
  • NEW WP Editor full width in admin area (in Settings)
  • NEW handling to prevent fatal errors when job_description  or resume_content  are disabled
  • NEW ability to disable job_description  (at your own risk)
  • NEW notice/warning on resume_content  disable
  • NEW filter for label output colon (:)
  • FIX output tab showing for header field type (should be hidden)
  • FIX preview page shortcode values potentially not showing
  • FIX shortcode output issues when using related posts plugin
  • FIX chosen select fields with required preventing form submission
  • FIX translations not working correctly for option labels
  • FIX $this->modal_fields  not being passed through filter correctly
  • FIX first option with value of 0 (zero) causing options to not save
  • FIX php warnings in admin when no resume custom fields exist
  • FIX Listify taxonomy checklist children incorrect layout
  • FIX all include/require statements to include __DIR__ or full path
  • ADD workscout customized file-field.php  template file
  • ADD setting to disable HTML5 required attributes on fields
  • Removed some theme check handling calls
  • Dequeue sloppy dev wpum-admin-js  on plugin pages

1.6.4 – December 9, 2016

  • NEW HTML5 email, tel, and URL input types
  • FIX WPML Option label/values not updating
  • FIX WPML List table showing old cached data
  • FIX WPML dupe contexts “X Listing Fields Listing Fields”
  • More info on WPML fix and HTML5 types:
  • FIX term-dropdown “none selected” as empty value (instead of -1)
  • FIX taxonomy values not being set when duplicate listing
  • Remove job_type multi from settings (should be set in field editor)
  • Hide WPML language filters on list table
  • Added code to force WPML to clear cache values

1.6.3 – November 21, 2016

  • MAJOR FIX label/div being output when field has no value
  • NEW taxonomy multiselect max selected options (advanced tab)
  • NEW standard multiselect max selected options (advanced tab)
  • NEW standard multiselect placeholder support
  • NEW taxonomy dropdown/select placeholder support
  • NEW custom taxonomy sorting support
  • NEW support for template overrides using field_editor  directory in child themes
  • NEW don’t clear options when switching between field types (select, radio, multiselect)
  • NEW taxonomy dropdown/select support HTML5 required attribute
  • FIX default value not loading on text and number field types
  • Support for new job_type setting in core (multi or single)

1.6.2 – November 15, 2016

  • NEW output as LINK scheme handling (tel:, mailto:, etc)
  • NEW hide in admin setting for no value field types (under advanced)
  • NEW inherit_config shortcode option to inherit config from auto output
  • FIX translation not working when cache is enabled
  • FIX shortcode label argument issues
  • FIX checkbox false value output not working correctly
  • FIX required checkbox value not loading on field edit
  • FIX list table not updating due to caching (on save/updated)
  • Fixed meta key notice showing when meta key input was empty
  • Display “cache disabled” instead of button when cache disabled

1.6.1 – November 1, 2016

  • FIX FacetWP display value not indexing correctly
  • FIX Listable file-field.php template file ( PHP warnings, broken images on edit )
  • FIX Jobify buttons showing as regular buttons (added Jobify specific template override)
  • FIX Field Editor Settings cache button PHP warnings
  • Updated list table CSS padding
  • NEW plugin/theme support for specific template overrides
  • Few other minor enhancements and minor bug fixes

1.6.0 – October 3, 2016

  • NEW field configuration caching
    This is handled through WordPress transients and can be enabled/disabled via Field Editor Settings (enabled by default).  This should decrease page load times by at least half a second or more, depending on the number of fields you have.

  • NEW prevent non-package fields from being saved to listing for WCPL
    This prevents users from bypassing package requirements (fields allowed) by selecting different package after going to preview step.
  • NEW unattach media from post when package upgrade/downgrade for WCPL
  • MAJOR BUG FIX FacetWP custom fields not being indexed correctly
  • FIX bulk actions now work correctly
  • FIX output show label not working for multiselect fields
  • FIX per-page screen options not saving correctly
  • FIX problem with detecting theme name correctly
  • Made font size smaller for admin notices on list table pages
  • Along with the new field configuration caching, this update also includes a complete update of the functions used to return and build all the field configuration.  All functions/methods are still backwards compatible, but have been updated to support caching, enhance functionality, and decrease the amount of code that has to be ran.  This update should decrease page load times when you have caching enabled (see field editor settings page).  You can test by appending ?no_cache=true to any URL to prevent caching on that page.

1.5.0 – September 8, 2016

  • NEW limit number of files uploaded in file upload field
    This is handled both on frontend using JavaScript, and in backend via PHP to prevent anyone bypassing JavaScript.  Supports both AJAX and non-AJAX file upload field types for job, company, and resume file upload fields.  Support for packages will be added in an upcoming release.  Max files allowed shows next to max filesize (if field has no custom description)
  • NEW FacetWP integration, custom fields, and auto indexing (see FacetWP tab on settings page)
  • NEW reCAPTCHA settings (theme, size, type)
  • NEW reCAPTCHA language support from WordPress get_locale()  or custom language.
  • NEW output label instead of value (allows for translation, see Fields tab on settings page)
  • NEW output as link now supports taxonomies
  • NEW output filename instead of full URL when output as link
  • NEW get_custom_field_config function to return field config (label, desc, etc)
  • NEW allow candidate_photo  to be set to multiple (in field editor settings)
  • NEW submit listing field HTML elements now have type-metakey class
  • NEW (Listify) remove gallery  meta on pkg up/down if gallery_images  not in package
  • FIX (Listify) show company_logo  in admin field data area (when using Listify)
  • FIX issue with shortcode arguments not being passed correctly
  • FIX string translation issues when value includes quotes
  • FIX debug data in field editor settings now loaded using AJAX (to prevent 500 errors)
  • FIX field configuration not being if value is 0 (zero)
  • FIX (Jobify) field editor handling featured_image  when using Jobify (Jobify handles it)
  • FIX php warning in_array  in functions.php for wpautop, and auto-output.php
  • FIX mime types are no longer added to string translation
  • FIX job_description  being able to be set as not required or admin only
  • FIX job_tags  showing in admin field data area when type is textbox
  • FIX license deactivating even if setting enabled to prevent (in field editor settings)
  • UPDATE settings page, cleanup and added separators
  • Added filter after field configuration is updated
  • Added filter to customize fields shown in list table popover/popup
  • Added notice about compatibility or features lost when user disables fields (application , job_location , job_category , job_region )
  • Added job_description  to always required (prevent WSOD on preview if admin disabled job_description )
  • Update date picker to use unique ID
  • Hide placeholder field on checkbox (placeholder not supported in checkbox)
  • Updated sort method names to silence incorrect WPEngine PHP7 compatibility notices
  • Plugin is still backwards compatible with older versions of WP Job Manager

1.4.6 – May 10, 2016

  • listable set company_logo  multiple as false if version >= 1.4.1
  • listable set company_logo  multiple as true if version < 1.4.1
  • listable hide main_image  in admin (show in sidebar as gallery)
  • Hide company_logo  in admin if WP Job Manager >= 1.24.0
  • FIX issue updating plugin when viewing “details”
  • FIX error when updating and plugin installed in incorrect directory, and shows “can’t use function return value in write context” error

1.4.5 – May 9, 2016

  • NEW sMyles Updater v2 & New License Activation Page
  • NEW field options drag and drop sorting
  • NEW updater now supports multisite installations
  • NEW updated multiselect field type now uses chosen by default
  • NEW WPML/Polylang support for all custom fields now (options, etc)
  • NEW force register all strings in WPML/Polylang (Fields tab in Settings)
  • NEW value and args filters for the_custom_field_output_as()
  • NEW notice when installed in incorrect directory
  • NEW output as link with email value, adds mailto: to link
  • NEW output reCAPTCHA even if all company fields disabled
  • NEW support for Advanced Video Embedder
  • NEW filter field_editor_output_oembed_wrap_with_jetpack
    to pass oembed HTML through video_embed_html  filter
  • NEW filter for field value when listing updated/created
  • NEW action after all values saved when listing updated/created
  • NEW added ar_EG, es_AR, and es_US translations
  • NEW prevent saving config for field with invalid type
  • FIX WordPress error when clicking install from details screen (for next update)
  • FIX save to user meta not saving when field left empty (uses default)
  • FIX WPML incorrect user config (jmfe_custom_fields set to 0)
  • FIX issues with wp_get_post_terms() and multiple terms
  • FIX shortcode issues with obtaining post ID randomly
  • FIX admin only radio/checkbox to NOT update on frontend
  • FIX upgrade/downgrade package, support Listable main_image
  • FIX Listify clicking edit listing at preview, showing default fields
  • FIX bug with output wrappers showing when output set to none
  • FIX removed stray quote in text-field.php template
  • FIX incorrect <li> output in <ul> areas
  • FIX empty PHP warning when 0 custom fields exist
  • Numerous performance enhancements
  • Reduced number of db queries
  • Update job tags option on save field (to fix user conf errors)
  • PHP version notice now shows actual PHP version
  • Prevent save if meta key is WordPress query var
  • class support in full wrapper output

1.4.1 – January 12, 2015

  • NEW support for Listable theme (specifically company_logo)
  • NEW filters for JS arguments and handling in admin (for themes and other plugins)
  • FIX space missing after label wrapper HTML
  • FIX empty maxlength output on text field if no value set
  • FIX php warning undefined index populate_default
  • FIX output wrapper inputs showing if output set to none
  • FIX minor issue with fields saving as incorrect types (only when unknown field type is edited prior to another field)

1.4.0 – December 14, 2015

  • FIX invalid header notice when activating plugin

1.4.0 – December 8, 2015

  • NEW support for WPML and Polylang (string translation)
  • NEW WP-Editor type now supported in Admin Area
  • NEW Field validation support via HTML5 Pattern
  • NEW Number spinner field type
  • NEW Range slider field type
  • NEW customize output HTML wrappers (div, li, etc)
  • NEW HTML5 field arg support (title, pattern, etc)
  • NEW auto output support for admin area
  • NEW auto output as value (shortcode output_as=”value”)
  • NEW Output as link checks and repairs URL (if missing http://)
  • NEW modal advanced tab and modal style
  • NEW added Listify list page auto output locations
  • NEW added license activation tab in settings
  • NEW Prevent showing invalid fields when WCPL upgrade/downgrade
  • NEW HTML now supported in custom optional/required labels
  • FIX license activate error with SSL connection
  • FIX WooCommerce Paid Listings depreciated funcs
  • FIX Visibility plugin compatibility loop
  • FIX same meta key allowed in different sections
  • FIX Company fields showing incorrect label
  • FIX WordPress list table screen options
  • FIX WordPress list table column not showing header
  • Added filter for custom auto output locations
  • Added output priority to list table available columns
  • Added post meta inspector (enable in debug settings)
  • Added array_column compatibility support function
  • Updated all translation .po and .mo files
  • And many many other enhancements and updates

1.3.8- September 23, 2015

  • FIX settings text fields not allowing input (only on 1.3.7)
  • FIX problems with resume fields showing on incorrect packages
  • FIX PHP warning for 2nd argument (for required label) on submit page
  • NEW date field supports all jQuery UI DatePicker arguments now

1.3.7 – September 14, 2015

  • MAJOR FIX Fatal error when attempting to save Settings (only on 1.3.6)
  • NEW Ability to specify Auto Populate Save As meta key (in field settings)
  • NEW date field type save as format options (epoch, ISO 8601, MySQL DATETIME, etc)
  • NEW date field type save as any custom format
  • NEW date field type display option to run through date_i18n()

1.3.6 – September 8, 2015

  • NEW option to specify auto populate meta key to save submitted value to
  • NEW use wpautop() on wp-editor or textarea fields (output tab in settings)
  • NEW option to wrap image output in link to image
  • NEW wp-editor field type now supports descriptions
  • NEW don’t show products field if options are empty ( 3rd Party Products Plugin )
  • NEW Placeholder now run through core WordPress translation function __()
  • NEW Custom required/optional labels now run through core WordPress translation function __()
  • NEW Custom submit listing button now run through core WordPress translation function __()
  • FIX multiple and output_as no longer required in shortcodes
  • FIX do not show (optional) on submit page if header, actionhook, or html field type
  • FIX education, experience, and links fields metakey now disabled to prevent duplicating field issues
  • FIX output tab showing on incompatible field types (header, html, actionhook)
  • FIX options value/label not saving if first value is 0
  • FIX packages feature conflict when only 1 package/product exists
  • FIX disabled fields (from 3rd Party Plugins/Themes) showing when editing listing
  • FIX widget/shortcode get_post_ID() method
  • FIX reCAPTCHA conflicts with Theme My Login (using recaptcha slug)
  • FIX multiple issues with old unsupported versions of PHP
  • FIX issue with allow download checkbox not saving on widget
  • FIX list table checkbox CSS for WordPress >= 4.3
  • Invalid field types now disabled for allow_linkedin metakey

1.3.5 – July 7, 2015

  • NEW WCPL packages support for Resumes
  • NEW Configurable Ajax support for file uploads field types
  • NEW added 16 new Listify Theme Auto Output areas
  • NEW reCAPTCHA field for Job and Resume submit page
  • NEW setting to prevent deactivate license on deactivate plugin
  • NEW debugging output now handled using Kint
  • NEW prevent meta key from being set as a core WP query var
  • NEW job tags config handled in field editor (removed dropdown in settings)
  • FIX theme detection, now supports child themes
  • FIX translation of label/description for edited/custom fields
  • FIX auto populate value no longer saved to user meta if listing saved with default value
  • FIX wcpl subscription upgrade and update package ID on listing (not for groups)
  • FIX standard text boxes with “Array” showing in admin for resumes (education, experience, & links)
  • FIX fatal error on single listing page if WCPL fields configured, but plugin deactivated
  • FIX shortcode output support for all arguments
  • FIX WP Job Manager Products plugin options being saved to field config
  • Removed internal validation for legacy versions of WPJM (would cause validate 2x)
  • job_tags meta key now only shows supported field types
  • Added filters for admin skip fields for admin area field output
  • Fix default fields showing is submit listing is used in modal
  • WP SEO Pro script with JS error added to death_to_sloppy_devs()
  • Check if passed post ID from PHP function call is an actual listing
  • Fixed incorrect class check for WP_Job_Manager_Form_Submit_Job
  • Taxonomy meta now removed if field saved and not a taxonomy field

1.3.1 – May 13, 2015

  • NEW using the meta key featured_image will now set the uploaded image as featured image! (more details)
  • FIX WordPress showing update available for plugin when other plugins don’t correctly filter update data
  • FIX buttons on settings page showing incorrectly
  • FIX list table color striping (core changed in WordPress 4.2+)
  • FIX WooCommerce Paid Listings class filename changed in newer versions (now backwards compatible)
  • FIX phone field type default arguments not correctly quoted
  • FIX phone field type dropdown issues on mobile phone when using Jobify/Listify theme
  • FIX output label HTML/CSS ID should be jmfe-label not jmfe-wrap
  • FIX “Add Image” box for Listify showing on listing if not enabled per package
  • FIX gallery_images showing  duplicate fields on admin when using Listify
  • Listify upload from frontend listing widget now removed if upload not allowed
  • Removed unnecessary options column from list table
  • Completely removed TGMPA
  • Admin notice now shows whenever directory fields are disabled in Listify theme

1.3.0 – April 17, 2015

  • Now compatible with WP Job Manager 1.22.0+ (backwards compatible as well)
  • NEW Section Header field type
  • NEW HTML field type
  • NEW Action Hook field type
  • NEW/Update shortcode now supports all arguments as PHP
  • NEW meta keys can now ONLY be lowercase a-z, 0-9, or an underscore
  • FIX listing/candidate title, and listing/candidate description return using PHP/Shortcode/Widget
  • FIX disable multiple file for company_logo & resume_file
  • FIX taxonomy no longer require taxonomy argument when calling PHP function
  • FIX checkbox output as options being disabled in dropdown
  • FIX in_array() php warning for wp-list-table.php
  • FIX wrong variable for phone field type config (preferredCountries)
  • Updated admin and frontend assets class (for CSS, & JS registration)

1.2.7 – April 8, 2015

  • NEW jobera single listing page action support
  • NEW phone field type now auto formats
  • NEW date picker now uses core WordPress date format (Settings > General)
  • NEW filter for phone field js options
  • NEW get_attachment_id_from_url function (to get thumbnails, etc)
  • FIX specified file failed upload test for resume fields
  • FIX prevent widget output if field value is empty
  • FIX text field type no longer disabled for resume_skills
  • FIX WP_Job_Manager_Field_Editor_Package_WC not defined error (when WCPL plugin is disabled)
  • FIX listify theme and “products” meta key disable tabs and types
  • Updated phone field type jQuery to latest version
  • dequeue kwayy html sitemap javascript on plugin pages
  • dequeue mobiloud-menu-config on plugin pages

1.2.6 – February 24, 2015

  • FIX packages tab only showing for custom fields
  • FIX auto/widget output for multiple file uploads
  • FIX options now supports commas
  • FIX issue with custom taxonomies not saving in admin area
  • FIX issue with taxonomies not outputting on listing
  • UPDATE widget and auto output support for default fields (job_category, etc)
  • UPDATE file upload options (mime type) now checks for supported type and extension
  • Fix view button showing for fields without options
  • Numerous tweaks and updates to less queries and faster loading

1.2.5 – February 8, 2015

  • NEW feature multiple option for file uploads
  • NEW feature default value for auto populate
  • NEW feature max length support
  • NEW feature admin only fields
  • FIX package tab disappearing when editing core job field
  • FIX upload fields not showing upload button when viewing listing in admin section
  • FIX all fields showing when using packages and going to edit from preview page
  • Added back the link to edit taxonomy from modal screen
  • Package ID is now saved to listing for better handling of fields for packages
  • Core application field now supports auto populate
  • Output as options for checkboxes disabled if type is not checkbox
  • candidate_name disable field types that could cause errors
  • Added link in package tab for help documentation
  • Tweaked and optimized JS code

1.2.4 – January 28, 2015

  • FIX disabled fields showing on resume submit page when validation errors
  • FIX problem with not being to edit core fields (job_title, etc)
  • FIX job fields causing validation errors on resumes
  • Few smaller tweaks and fixes
  • Sorry about the multiple updates today, I try to get bug fixes out as quick as possible and sometimes jump the gun 😛

1.2.3 – January 28, 2015

  • FIX WooCommerce paid listings packages sometimes not showing up
  • FIX packages tab not showing on some installations
  • Few other small bug fixes

1.2.2 – January 27, 2015

  • NEW FEATURE WooCommerce Paid Listings show fields only for specific packages
  • FIX issue with disabled fields showing when upload error
  • FIX some field config being removed on disable/enable
  • FIX double escaping on option values (when using single/double quotes)
  • FIX error on specific PHP versions when trying to edit job/resume (PHP autoload bug)
  • FIX segfault issue with WP Engine
  • Removed options from showing in popover
  • Options now only removed if field saved as edit without options in $_POST
  • Validation compatibility now checks WPJM/WPRM version before using old method

1.2.1 – January 22, 2015

  • BUG FIX existing field options not loading when editing field in Chrome, IE, and Opera
  • BUG FIX existing field output config not loading when editing field in Chrome, IE, and Opera
  • FIX Listify business hours field in admin section
  • FIX issue with disabling fields
  • FIX Listify business hours field auto populate
  • FIX widget caption output for link output
  • FIX saving fields that are not custom to user meta (auto populate)
  • NEW feature output location bottom of job description (above apply button)
  • Few other minor bug fixes from 1.2.0 release

1.2.0 – January 18, 2015

  • NEW/UPDATE options now use separate tab with “add more” button
  • NEW feature set options (radio, dropdown, multiselect) to disabled state, and set default option to select
  • NEW/FIX widget now same options as auto output, which also fixes a few widget output problems
  • NEW feature phone field type (with international support)
  • NEW feature HTML5 Video output as option (with multiple options, poster, width, height, download, etc)
  • NEW feature support for custom submit button label on job/resume submit listing page
  • NEW feature support for optional/required label on resume fields (required WPRM >= 1.8.0)
  • NEW Listify Theme integration tweaks
  • FIX date field type now allows dates prior to current date
  • FIX error when resume manager installed but using only job/company license
  • FIX error when setting resume_skills to taxonomy field type
  • FIX php warning on list page when items per page not yet
  • FIX issue with detecting if Resumes is installed and/or activated
  • NEW Arabic and Arabic (Saudi Arabia) language translations
  • UPDATED all current translation files
  • Support for sloppy devs (dequeue known compatibility scripts on plugin page)
  • Moved about tab on settings page to last tab
  • Update checkboxes to no longer use indexes
  • Many other minor bug fixes, optimizations

1.1.14 – November 17, 2014

  • NEW feature date picker field type
  • NEW feature Jobify auto output areas
  • NEW feature auto populate hook (to auto populate from other sources)
  • NEW feature auto populate option to automatically save to user meta
  • NEW feature auto output priority
  • NEW feature auto output area on job list page ( requires WPJM >= 1.18.0 )
  • NEW feature custom (required) or (optional) labels
  • NEW feature core default auto populate fields can now be changed or disabled
  • FIX half blank widget page, check for WPRM class instead of file (as plugin may be deactivated)
  • Company details no longer show on listing if all company fields are disabled
  • Fields disabled in core WPJM/WPRM (skills, upload, categories, etc) no longer show in field list
  • New dropdown separator
  • New uninstall file to remove updater or core plugin options when plugin uninstalled

1.1.13 – November 3, 2014

  • FIX validation error on resume upload (compatibility with older versions of WPRM)
  • FIX new field types not showing on resume field editor screen (checkbox, checklist, multi-select, etc)
  • FIX error when attempting to disable, or delete fields while using translated version of plugin
  • NEW danish and polish language translations

1.1.12 – October 27, 2014

  • NEW auto populate fields with values from user meta ( in beta )
  • NEW fields order by priority in admin section (based on frontend priority)
  • FIX radio buttons not showing on admin section
  • FIX job manager field types not showing for resume field types ( checkbox, multi-select )
  • FIX disabled fields showing when validation error on job upload
  • FIX job_deadline integration support ( different meta key for admin section )
  • FIX auto output link caption always showing link instead of custom caption
  • FIX auto output taxonomies showing ID instead of name (value) both single and multiple
  • PCRE compatibility fix for older versions of PCRE compiled with PHP
  • A few other small tweaks and updates

1.1.11 – September 23, 2014

  • MAJOR BUG FIX resumes plugin not being detected as installed
  • FIX checklists being disabled on form when user is not logged in
  • FIX issue with new field types showing for meta keys they are not valid for
  • A few other small tweaks and updates

1.1.10 – September 21, 2014

  • NEW Radio, Checkbox, and MultiSelect Field Types
  • NEW Auto output options for Checkbox ( only Show label if checked, show custom label for Checked/Unchecked )
  • NEW Full Screen Options support (user defined per page, select table columns to show/hide)
  • NEW full pagination support ( fully ajax )
  • NEW additional table columns ( output, output as, post id, etc, must be enabled from screen options )
  • NEW dismiss link for license key/update admin notice
  • FIX taxonomy auto output id’s instead of label/name values
  • Large number of optimizations, tweaks, and other enhancements

1.1.9 – September 15, 2014

  • NEW Filter links ( all, default, custom, disabled, etc) now full ajax
  • NEW Sort now full ajax (clicking top of list table to sort asc or desc)
  • NEW Pagination added with full ajax support
  • NEW language portuguese, and many other language updates
  • NEW added width and height configuration for oEmbed
  • NEW auto output options ( before & after company meta )
  • FIX incorrect placement of auto output “Top of Job Listing”
  • FIX issue with popover going out of screen view
  • FIX issue with file uploads “specified file failed upload test” ( only affects v1.1.8 )
  • Auto output options now listed in order in which they are output ( top to bottom )
  • Added resume fields edit capability ‘manage_resume_fields’
  • Ajax error outputs actual error instead of JSON parse error, with link to submit ticket
  • Added help icon on Field Ouput page that links to tutorial and description of use
  • Fixed incorrect Field Output class and IDs to match tutorial
  • Fixed taxonomy Field Output when multiple selections are made
  • Fix issue with widgets page loading fully when resumes is not installed

1.1.8 – September 11, 2014

  • NEW tabbed modal for separating sections for field configuration
  • NEW Auto Output custom fields with numerous options (link, image, oembed, etc)
  • FIX issue with disabled fields showing up when validation error occurs on submit job/resume
  • FIX issue with getting post_id for custom PHP Functions to output values on job/resume
  • FIX php fatal error if using resumes license but resumes plugin is not installed
  • Fix issue with options still showing under non option fields
  • Groundwork for new options handling

1.1.7 – September 8, 2014

  • NEW show link to edit taxonomy field types instead of options textarea
  • NEW purge options button in debug section to remove options from all fields that do not require them (bug from previous version of plugin, runs once on plugin upgrade automatically)
  • NEW support for taxonomy fields in upcoming release of resume manager version 1.7.0
  • FIX ‘this field is required’ error on modal when attempting to save job_type, resume_category, etc.
  • FIX default customized field labels not updating correctly in admin section
  • FIX No longer show candidate_name or job_title if customized on admin section (as extra field)
  • FIX You can no longer remove required for job_title or candidate_name (required for core functionality)
  • FIX no longer showing disabled fields on edit job or resume form
  • FIX issue with submitting job when field is disabled AND required
  • Remove depreciated job-category type ( will still work correctly )
  • Updated detection for new supported field types for Job Manager and Resumes
  • Few ob_clean fixes for ajax response
  • Major update which fixes resume_category, job_type, and job_category type handling
  • Make all compatibility functions pluggable ( will prevent fatal errors as well )
  • Large amount of translation updates
  • Bunch of other fixes I can’t remember 😛

1.1.6 – September 3, 2014

  • Fixed issue with resume_category and job_type not outputting category/type values when field is customized
  • Add &debug to end of any list table URL to dump field data below list table More Details
  • Debug now outputs using var_dump if xdebug is installed, otherwise uses <pre> tags for pretty output
  • Widget no longer outputs HTML if value isn’t set (prevents blank image tags, etc)
  • Bug reporter works again! (bug in bug reporter….whoops!)
  • Taxonomy field now keeps value when switching between types
  • Widget field dropdown no longer shows fields with children (links, experience, education)
  • Fix issue with status icon showing incorrectly
  • Update WPJM icon for retina support
  • Fix issue with options saving under non-option fields
  • Types now disabled in dropdown for meta_keys that do not support them
  • Specific fields now disabled for meta_keys that do not support them

1.1.5 – August 28, 2014

  • NEW Integrated Widget now Available!
  • Fix issue with options not saving

1.1.4 – August 26, 2014

  • Backup Custom/Configured Fields
  • Restore Custom/Configured Fields
  • Priority now fully supports decimals
  • Escape button closes modal
  • Enter button will submit modal form
  • New settings page ( About, Support, Backup/Restore, and Debug )
  • Localization now fully supported ( translation ready )
  • NEW translations included ( French, German, Italian, Japanese, Malay, and Spanish )
  • Multiple enhancements, tweaks, and improvements to speed up plugin
  • Alert Confirmation on remove all field data
  • CSS/JS only loaded on plugin pages
  • Option to disable debug form
  • Cleaned up PHP code, organized classes in separate files
  • Major JS overhaul, clean up, and restructure as object ( no more global vars 😛 )

1.1.3 – August 21, 2014

  • WP Job Manager Field Editor now out of beta!  This is the last release available for beta licenses, read more about this here.

1.1.2 – August 5, 2014

  • Fix problem with 5+ custom/customized fields causing all fields to no longer work
  • Added debug page to remove custom post type fields, and var_dump custom fields
  • Added check for ABSPATH so prevent direct access of files
  • Fix problem with checkbox status not being loaded

1.1.1 – August 4, 2014

  • Removed WP Job Manager Resumes from required to prevent persistent admin notice nag

1.1.0 – August 4, 2014

  • Resume Fields
  • Custom Taxonomy Field Type
  • New field types – term-checklist, term-multiselect, term-select
  • New Shortcode [resume_field field="candidate_phone"]
  • New Pluggable Functions, get_job_field(), the_job_field(), get_custom_field(), the_custom_field(), get_resume_field(), the_resume_field()
  • New Popover Meta Key brief details popup
  • Start of integrating for Child Fields, like experience, education, and URL's, currently only parent information can be edited, soon to include child fields.
  • Updated Bug Reporter
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Majority of code restructured, and phpdoc blocks added
  • Ability to now disable almost all default fields
  • New status icons
  • New field setting “Default” to set the default selected in dropdown/checklist
  • Almost all JavaScript was restructured and rewritten
  • Numerous JS bug fixes

1.0.7 – August 1, 2014

  • Fix PHP <= 5.2 error array_replace_recursive
  • Fix updater “Invalid Request” errors when attempt to activate/deactivate

1.0.6 – July 31, 2014

  • Fix PHP <= 5.2 error in updater
  • Upgraded updater to 1.0.3
  • Upgraded bug reporter to 1.0.3

1.0.5 – July 30, 2014

  • Fix PHP <= 5.2 error from anonymous function

1.0.4 – July 22, 2014

  • Fix PHP <5.40 fatal error array defined with shorthand ( [‘val’] instead of array(‘val’) )

1.0.3 – July 22, 2014

  • Fix for wp-editor fields not showing in admin

1.0.2 – July 15, 2014

  • Moved TGMPA to load after wp_loaded to prevent fatal php errors from themes or other plugins using a version of TGMPA that does not check if function exists.

1.0.1 – July 14, 2014

  • Updated Debugger
  • Updated Updater