1.2.0 – TBD

  • NEW “Include Empty” setting for fields to include listings with no value on field
  • NEW empty meta cleanup integration (optimize db and remove empty meta db entries)
    Please make sure to read release notes regarding the above features, this is very important that you understand what these features do!
  • NEW add default zoom setting for map field types (when page initially loads)
  • NEW radio field type custom full/value wrappers and custom label placement
  • NEW allow user to select search radius unit (KM/Mi) on frontend
  • NEW dummy ajax-filters for plugins/themes that only enqueue against it
  • NEW added Random (featured at top) sort by setting
  • NEW ability to replace variables in range/slider labels
  • FIX resume “is form” section (homepage, etc) not submitting to correct page/URL
  • FIX drawer/frontend lockup when click add custom arg and using slider field type
  • FIX unnecessary nested meta query for multiselect fields (when only one value is selected)
  • FIX use IN SQL query for multiselect fields (multiple values selected) on single value fields (on submit form)
  • FIX range slider “max source” not being required when it 100% is
  • FIX range field type set default from min/max if no default is configured
  • FIX range slider extending out past field grid
  • FIX range slider max set as 100 when no defaults set
  • FIX encoded HTML showing in checklist output (from taxonomy label/name)
  • FIX dynamic checkbox fields not triggering search when shown
  • FIX Element UI fields showing value instead of label (when using custom value and value is a number)
  • FIX Astoundify/Techbrise Company Listings showing all listings on Jobs tab (company page) and job S&F filters
  • FIX shortcode attributes disabled due to builders/themes polluting with empty attributes (order, orderby, status, etc)
  • FIX WPJM Geo location addon compatibility (dummy ajax-filters)
  • FIX duplicate map icons due to builders (elementor, etc) executing example shortcode
  • FIX checkbox/checklist label placement for wrap value
  • FIX multi-value search/filter field against single value field (on submit form)
  • FIX job tags archive page not filtering correctly
  • FIX support for job_tag in shortcode
  • FIX taxonomies filter not supporting child_of or parent
  • FIX support for search_categories in URL to define search_category in shortcode
  • FIX dequeuing workscout JS on pages when not required to dequeue
  • FIX PHP warning from type_config when not set for tag cloud
  • FIX javascript error when clicking on “reset” link in “showing results”
  • Support job_tags in shortcode arguments

1.1.9 – October 15, 2021 (pre-release)

  • Fix job tags archive page not filtering correctly
  • Support job_tags in shortcode arguments
  • Range slider fixes
  • Geolocation addon compatibility

1.1.8 – August 10, 2021 (pre-release)

  • Fix search_category / search_categories used in URL parameters (to match against different values used)
  • Fix workscout dequeue on pages even when not required

1.1.7 – May 19, 2021

  • NEW setting to include “Anywhere” listings in results (listings with no location set)
    Disabled by default, must be enabled from settings area
  • FIX Google AutoComplete/Places field not working after first search when icon enabled on field
  • FIX indent handling for checklist/radio field (must be enabled in type config)
  • FIX PHP error for taxonomies when invalid taxonomy in field configuration
  • FIX Specialty theme JS being loaded when using workscout theme

1.1.6 – May 4, 2021

  • NEW setting (in field type config) to show count of listings for taxonomy fields (select/multiselect/checklist/radio)
  • NEW indent of child terms in hierarchical taxonomies
  • NEW setting to disable job listing result caching (only recommended during dev or testing)
  • FIX add to URL not working when search trigger for source is “manual”
  • FIX clear button action causing slider to break
  • FIX reset button action not setting URL back to original values (when populated with field values)
  • FIX add to URL for search radius not updating if no value set for location field
  • FIX hierarchical taxonomy sorting
  • FIX Listable theme search from top bar, and from homepage

1.1.4 – March 22, 2021

  • NEW added support for Specialty theme
  • NEW setting to disable S&F on specific pages (under settings)
  • NEW show_sf_filters shortcode argument to disable S&F output for shortcode
    If you use this, it should be accompanied by show_filters (ie [jobs show_sf_filters="false" show_filters="false"] )
  • NEW support for multiple same listing shortcodes output on same page (when S&F disabled as per above)
  • NEW added “clear” button action to do hard clear/reset (reset defaults, URL params, etc)
  • NEW field inputs now default to 100% width (override by setting width in input CSS)
  • NEW warning shown when no sections are on page but listings should show
  • NEW support for custom label classes on checklist wrapper labels
  • FIX clear/reset for “form” section types
  • FIX resumes not initializing if output on the same page a jobs
  • FIX new empty sections (no fields) not showing editing
  • FIX default search comparison returning incorrect value when not configured
  • FIX dynamic/lazy CSS loading cached version even after upgrade
  • Added type label in admin bar dropdown (job/resume)

1.1.2 – February 19, 2021

  • FIX browsers caching dynamically loaded assets (css/js) from new versions

1.1.1 – February 18, 2021

  • NEW Mobile Layout Edit Mode (Video Tutorial)
    Responsive mobile mode but be enabled under each section configuration (disabled by default)
  • NEW Reactive grid layouts based on breakpoints (default or custom)
  • NEW Map Field Type (supports OpenStreetMaps, Google Maps, and Mapbox) (Video Tutorial)
    Also includes ability to move map to another element on the page
  • NEW Google Places Autocomplete field type
  • NEW Google Paces Autocomplete support in “Locate Me” field type
  • NEW hidden field type
  • NEW support for custom form URLs via filter on per section basis (for form based sections)
  • NEW dequeue Regions addon script when S&F enabled (to prevent Chosen.js errors)
  • NEW added warning/notice when screen resolution is lower than LG breakpoint
  • NEW customizable capabilities for permissions to edit S&F via filters (default still manage_options)
  • FIX update result not triggering if “job_filters” and/or “reusme_filters” class does not exist
  • FIX multi-value meta fields search when compare is equals means contains
  • FIX field editor custom select/multiselect fields showing placeholder as option
  • FIX admin only fields (from field editor) not showing as available fields to select from (requires Field Editor 1.10.2+)
  • FIX editing now enabled by default (for users with permission to do so)
  • FIX WorkScout loader not showing when show_filters set to false in shortcode
  • FIX Element UI select/multiselect showing numbers instead of selected value (when passed in URL or form POST)
  • Added compatibility for upcoming Cariera > 1.4.8 theme filtering changes
  • Added some compatibility handling for SiteGround Optimizer and Autoptimize (although there may still be issues based on your configuration)
    As a general practice, these plugins, and ANY kind of optimization or caching plugins should ALWAYS be disabled during development and only enabled before your site goes live.
  • Added filter to be able to disable sections via PHP as needed
  • Added section output filter to modify section output as needed
  • Added new wrapper HTML div elements around fields and sections (to support mobile handling)
  • Added new classes to HTML wrapper elements to signify mobile mode, as well as current breakpoint, etc
  • As always, remember to test your site after updating

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CLEAR CACHE AFTER UPDATING.  As the majority of this plugin run through javascript, if you’re using a cached version you may have issues.  Always clear cache after updating and refresh the page.


1.0.1 – December 28, 2020

  • NEW Element UI Select/Multiselect (dropdown)
  • NEW support for job and resume shortcode arguments (job_types, categories, etc)
  • NEW auto size based on ResizeHandler/MutationObserver (for more precise and accurate auto sizing)
  • FIX updated default templates to use stable release feature set
  • FIX infinite loading when saving settings (and no changes made)
  • FIX vendors.css does not exist error (no longer used)
  • FIX “reset” wording should only be filtered through plugin when S&F enabled
  • NEW all data params from main listings div are passed in update call under data_params (for themes/plugins)
  • Added filter for upcoming Cariera theme release (for S&F support of new handling)
  • Added job_manager_sf_job_filters_before to Listify/Jobify filter templates
  • Removed old Beta wording in description

1.0.0 – Stable Release! – December 20, 2020 ( Release Video / Video Tutorials )

  • NEW dynamically show section or field based on checkbox
  • NEW mobile friendly support (stacks on mobile devices)
  • NEW range field type (support two field values)
  • NEW “Locate Me” geolocate field type
  • NEW Search Radius search source (search based on radius around location)
  • NEW slider field type
  • NEW WordPress Tag Cloud field type
  • NEW set field values from URL parameter
  • NEW automatically update URL in browser with user selected/entered value
  • NEW setup page (to import default/theme sections/fields)
  • NEW autosize feature for multiselect field types (based on selected values)
  • NEW autosize feature for any field
  • NEW field type config import/export
  • NEW icon actions for standard text fields (Search or Clear)
  • NEW section label/wrapper/checkbox custom CSS
  • NEW CSS auto suggest properties
  • NEW checklist/checkbox field type label placement and element type
  • NEW support for searching serialized meta values
  • NEW Cariera theme support
  • NEW WorkScout theme support*
  • NEW support for post_title and post_content searching (job_description, job_title, resume_description, candidate_title)
  • NEW drastically reduced frontend JS to only 188kb!
  • NEW optimized javascript size utilizing separate files for editing mode, and visitor mode
  • NEW custom classes for label, input, wrappers
  • FIX meta field queries not working
  • FIX meta field queries for numeric values
  • FIX bulk actions
  • FIX Select2 placeholder not showing, old options when switching source
  • FIX search source remaining disabled in dropdown after removing from another field
  • FIX default values not working correctly
  • FIX save settings always returning success even if failed
  • FIX search from different page than listings not triggering
  • FIX load more not working sometimes
  • FIX select2 assets registered after plugin assets
  • FIX Listify widget PHP warnings
  • Updated to pro/corporate FontAwesome icons
  • Added support for Jobify/Listify CSS fixes
  • Added fix for Select2 when viewing as administrator (with admin bar showing)
  • Numerous speed and optimization enhancements
  • Removed debug console output
  • This list is only the major items i’m able to reference, as there are SOO many new features and enhancements under the hood
  • If you’re upgrading from beta version, make sure to go in and save every section to make sure current values are saved.

*WorkScout theme support is fully integrated for homepage and resume/job pages (excluding page with map on side [where type/radius/salary/rate is in popup]).  Requires latest version of WorkScout to be compatible (as developer had to update templates to allow overriding them).

0.1.8 BETA – October 30, 2020

Stable release has taken a bit longer than expected due to conflicts with known themes, a few of the issues have been worked out, the last remaining issues should be resolved within the next week or so.  If they are not, the stable version will still be released for other users that may not be using these themes to no longer delay the Stable release due to theme compatibility issues.

This will be the last BETA release before stable version is released (besides expiry updates).  Please keep an eye out for the stable release in the next week, two at the latest.

  • Fixed backend AJAX function calls loaded always
  • Fixed issues with plugin assuming admin when on frontend
  • Fixed missing sanitizer handling for some admin area values
  • Added validation on admin area saving values
  • Miscellaneous enhancements and fixes, update beta expiry

0.1.7 BETA – October 13, 2020

  • Misc prep items for stable release
  • Initial WorkScout handling (only prep)
  • Miscellaneous enhancements and fixes, update beta expiry

0.1.6 BETA – September 29, 2020

  • Misc prep items for stable release
  • Added few minor tweaks for upgrade handling
  • Added method for dealing with expiration and upgrades
  • Added upgrade path handling and API activation
  • Miscellaneous enhancements and fixes, update beta expiry

0.1.5 BETA – September 20, 2020

  • PREP for stable release
  • Miscellaneous enhancements and fixes, update beta expiry

0.1.4 BETA – June 20, 2020

  • Miscellaneous enhancements and fixes, update beta expiry

0.1.3 BETA – April 28, 2020

  • FIX major issue with admin area not working if site language is not set to English (US)
  • FIX issue with subdirectory installations not loading css/js correctly
  • FIX issue with plugin deactivating due to beta state
  • CHANGE radio button layout to standard HTML layout as defined by mozilla (needs testing)

0.1.1 BETA – January 29, 2020

  • FIX issue with Select field not populating from options
  • FIX issue when theme/plugin defines rtl class causing drawer to look incorrect
  • FIX updater to show default image in updater area
  • FIX updater to not show activate notice when already activated

0.1.0 BETA – January 23, 2020

  • Initial beta release of plugin