WP Job Manager - Search and Filtering

Full drag and drop frontend UI to customize, add, remove, and setup Search and Filtering for WP Job Manager

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  • Having been a PHP and WP developer since 2005, I’m no stranger to PHP code. I thought “How much could this really benefit me?” I’ve had about 3 weeks to work with the plugin, and I have to say I’m blown away. Not having to think about that $fields array for the front end; then the back end array; and then the display function for each field, an investment of 80 bucks has saved me $100s of dollars in time. It makes custom field management effortless, allowing me to focus on billable time rather than tweaking PHP code. Look forward to getting to know more about and investing in your other work. Solutions this great definitely need support. Please keep up the great work!

    Blue P http://gastonia.com
  • WP Job Manager Field Editor is an essential tool if you’re looking to customize your WP Job Manager Plugin. It reduces all the hassle and saves you so much time than to tweak the code.

    Myles really goes the extra miles(no pun intended) when he replies on your support ticket. Instead of being like the developers of other plugins/themes who pushes the responsibility to others, he really tries his best to resolve your issue.

    Thank you so much Myles! Great plugin, even greater support! Definitely got back the investment of the plugin many times over.

    Lex http://tutors.com.sg
  • Smyles provides great tech, excellent support, and fantastic documentation. I highly recommend.

    Michael Penner https://flextechmedia.com
  • If you’re thinking of using WP Job Manager plugin for your site and you need to edit fields, then you need this plugin. Support is amazing. Go for it!

  • It saves as TONS of time and money! Highly recommended!!!

    Leo https://leolukin.ru
  • I’m really happy with the WP Job Manager Field Editor plugin!

    I’m not a developer, and the truth is that thanks to this kind of applications you can get yourself out of the rut you sometimes get into because you don’t know how to program.

    The plugin does exactly what it says, maybe with a not very easy learning curve, but in a couple of hours you are modifying the fields you need.

    So, I can only congratulate the creator and encourage him to keep improving the plugin. Maybe I should improve the user interface so that the experience when setting it up is more rewarding.

    Fernando Mariano https://www.netfreelance.es
  • I have only had the plugin for a few days but it has allowed me to make the changes I need to with ease.  I had some queries and Myles was very quick to respond, even over the weekend!  Very happy with this plugin and service.

    S Simmonds
  • Great plugin with some amazing features saving so much time in customization. Myles has been amazing at responding to questions in relation to the plugin and goes above and beyond with his support.

    Thanks so much!

  • Fantastic plugin that gives an array of pricing packages and works straight out of the box!

    Shaun Beaumont
  • I am a web design professional and have purchased hundreds of paid themes and plugins before. I also had the opportunity to experience many product support. I can easily say that the sMyles team is amazing in this regard. Endless thanks for their support !

    Emre Dağ
  • I am verry happy with this plugin, but the most important it is the support taht is very fast and professional. The support for me is very important when you buy a plugin. Congratulation for the developers of this plugin.

    Marco Musso https://coema.org/wp/
  • It’s never easy when you’re a newbie and then you dive into a WordPress project that spawns so many technical questions. Lucky for me I stumbled upon this nifty little plugin called “WP Job Manager Field Editor” that not only has allowed me to achieve most everything I need but comes with A++ support.

    Myles always responds in a professional manner and never leaves you hanging with one word answers like other developers tend to do. Most recently, Myles has gone above and beyond the call of duty and assisted me with an issue I was having. He solved my problem, I got rid of my headache and I saw light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work!

  • Nicely coded. Does exactly what is says on the tin and really useful for those who don’t want to code or simply want to save time in making quick changes. 10/10 – well done Myles.

    Rich Rawcliffe
  • A brilliant plugin that just works!

    David Orchard http://easylodger.com
  • I should say its a brilliant addon, makes your work so east to add new fields without hard coding templates.

    Vaibhav Sisinty http://www.crazyheads.co
  • The WP- Job Field Editor plugin is great and worth every penny. I got the $39 version (although it may be overkill for my needs), but it made the process of changing my fields and adding new fields a breeze and saved me a lot of time and frustration. I would highly recommend this plugin to anyone.

    Brad Boling http://directory.engageakron.com
  • I have found the WP Job Manager Field Editor quite useful for customising my site. Don’t have to worry about any php code and I can focus on designing a great product!

    Nacho Motelero http://hoteles-de-paso.com.mx/
  • Thank you for fixing the issue that we had on our site!  It is great to be working with a plugin which has such good support.

    Luke Riverstone http://enurse.com.au
  • Very happy with the plugins

    Ricardo Morales http://www.zocioz.com