Moving Woes

This year has been pretty crazy for me, and I just wanted to make a quick blog post to give you guys a bit more insight into what has been going on, and why there has recently been a bit of delay in support.

As many of you probably already know, I recently got married in July in Colorado to my beautiful wife Brooke.  Being as though we were living in Orlando, having an out-of-state wedding ended up being way more than we expected (not only in cost, but in time we would have to dedicate to it).  Even having a wedding planner, things just seemed to consistently come up left and right for issues that we would need to deal with.

After getting married, my wife was offered an awesome position in Atlanta for work, and we immediately had to start the process of moving to Atlanta.  As we owned a house in Orlando, our first step was getting all the issues around the house repaired and ready to put on the market.  That along with having well over 50+ showings meant that I constantly had to leave my office to setup at a friends house or coffee shop around the corner.

At that time, the housing market was for sure booming.  Within a week we had 15+ offers on the house, one of which was a cash offer above what the house would appraise for … with the understanding that we would have to be out in two weeks.  Living in this house for over 10+ years and being a hacker/maker/tinkerer you start to accumulate things along the way.  This meant I had to scramble to pack up and clean the entire house ASAP, not to mention the fact that we hadn’t even found a place to move to in Atlanta yet 🙁

Luckily for us we had friends who lived a little bit outside of Orlando that were willing to let us move in with them for a bit, until we could find a new location to move to.  This was the first location we moved into after selling the house, only to find out that the internet was spotty and could not support more than a few people using it at a time.  We had another service provider come out and install a new service for internet, which resolved that problem, but unfortunately that was just the start of the issues we would have.

After a few days we started to realize that this situation probably wasn’t going to work out for us.  Having to drive to Atlanta to view houses, then come back and deal with OCD the person we were living with, and then our animals … it resulted in the stress causing my wife to cry almost daily dealing with everything.  We have an older lab who has live in Florida his entire life (so he has no idea what stairs are), and two cats.  The couple we were staying with we found out were allergic to cats (would have been nice to know at first), so the cats had to stay in one bedroom, and our dog had to stay downstairs (before he would sleep with us every night).

At this point I realized this situation wasn’t going to work for us and I had to figure something out.  After about a week of searching, I was able to find an airbnb in Atlanta that wasn’t $8000 a month, and had a master on the main level that would work for our dog.  We immediately booked it and then had to pack up everything from the house we were staying in, and then drive the animals and all our stuff up here in a few different trips.

This is the current situation were in, still looking for places to rent or buy but at least for now we have something that is comfortable, has internet, and I can finally get back into the routine of work and not having to deal with everything else coming up.

The unfortunate part about all of this is how much of my time it has taken up, ultimately causing extensive delays in support responses and plugin updates.

Then to add to everything else, it seems that the database for this site got corrupted for a few days, which I didn’t notice while all this was going on, and had to do an incremental restoration (for pages, products, etc — all orders and subscriptions did not have issues).  Fun stuff 🙂

I sincerely apologize if you were a client that has been affected by this, and I promise to do everything I can moving forward to make this right and catch back up.  I really do appreciate your understanding and patience while i’m going through these very stressful and difficult times, and will do everything I can to make sure that this does not happen again.

Thank you again for supporting my plugins and your patience!

UPDATE 10/8/2021:
We submitted an offer on a house that was accepted, inspection was today and went great, we’re hoping to close before the end of the month, so things are looking on the up and up!  I’ve already caught back up with all tickets and am working on needed updates to be released.  Keep an eye out as there will be updates coming out shortly for almost every plugin.  ‘

I really do appreciate everyone’s kind words and patience during this process, I was not expecting the kindness and understanding from everyone in their tickets, you guys are amazing and i’m excited to get back to business and start releasing some of these new features i’ve been working on for the past 6+ months!


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