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WP Job Manager Visibility

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Customize permalinks, and show/hide fields on listing based on current user (or custom group), with custom placeholders/HTML values!

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Product Description

Do you want to hide specific fields on the frontend of your site?  Maybe you want to require users to be logged in to view the full listing details?  WP Job Manager Visibility is exactly what you’re looking for!  These and many other features are included and listed below:

Completely customize and use your own placeholder for any fields in WP Job Manager.  Not only will you be able to customize the visibility of any fields (with your own custom placeholders), but you will also be able to create your own custom groups and then create visibility configurations based on users or any of your custom groups.

Create your own custom groups and include specific Users, Custom Groups, or User Roles (Administrator, Employer, Candidate, Anonymous, etc). You can then create configurations specifically for these groups, with their own priority.

Every license includes 1 year of unlimited support, and updates. There is no requirement to renew the license unless you would like support or upgrades after the 1 year period. Plugin will still function as normal after the year of updates and support expires.

Completely customize the WP Job Manager Listing URL Permalinks, as well as WP Resume Manager Listing URL Permalinks.

Don’t forget to check out the reviews and testimonials to see how happy other clients are with both the plugin, and support provided! Click on the Reviews tab to see actual user reviews (actual customers, reviews are not fake or paid for).

This plugin does not change anything in regards to the Submit Listing page, it is specifically for controlling the output of those fields. If you need a plugin to edit/manage/add fields on the Submit Listing page, please see the WP Job Manager Field Editor plugin.


  • Completely customize Resume Permalink URL structure (using any string field value)
  • Completely customize Job Permalink URL structure (using any string field value)
  • Built-In Configurable Caching (reduces queries from ~200+ to less than 50, with a page load time decrease of ~2 seconds)
  • Create custom user Visibility Configurations
  • Create custom group Visibility Configurations
  • Create custom Groups which can include Users, Groups, or Roles (Employer, Candidate, Administrator, Anonymous, etc)
  • Bypass visibility configuration to view Resume if using Share Link or user has listing with application using that resume (enabled/disabled in settings)
  • Apply Now button will be hidden if the application field is hidden (and placeholder is blank)
  • Apply Now button will be shown and content inside will be replaced with Placeholder value, if application field is hidden
  • Excerpt support for Job Description field (see below for details)
  • Full support for HTML in Placeholder values 
  • Supports taxonomy field types
  • Default Groups (Administrators, Candidates, Employers, All, etc) added on install (and button available in settings under setup tab)
  • Supports any custom fields (created using WP Job Manager Field Editor)
  • Numerous debug features including post meta debug metabox, disable heartbeat, disable post lock, admin exception
  • Backup, and Restore Fields
  • Fully documented code ( PHP Doc )
  • Coded following WordPress PHP Standards ( CSS/JS only loads on plugin pages, code style, etc )
  • Translations included ( TBD )
  • Other translations available upon request
  • Compatible with WP Job Manager 1.22.0+ (as well as backwards compatible with most earlier versions)
  • Compatible with WP Job Manager Resumes 1.11.0+
  • Users can preview visibility on their own listings by adding ?preview_visibility to URL

Packages Integration

Utilize the powers of the WP Job Manager Visibility and WP Job Manager Packages plugins combined!

  Create unlimited custom groups based on any packages
created using the WP Job Manager Packages plugin.


Integration when combined with WP Job Manager Packages

Integration when combined with WP Job Manager Packages


Take it a step even further when using the WooCommerce Paid Listings addon plugin,
and create unlimited groups based on any WooCommerce Paid Listings Packages*


Integration when combined with WP Job Manager Packages and WooCommerce Paid Listings

Integration when combined with WP Job Manager Packages and WooCommerce Paid Listings


* The Packages Integration features require the WP Job Manager Packages plugin.  After purchasing the Visibility plugin, there is a 15% discount coupon code located under the Visibility Settings menu if you wish to purchase the Packages plugin.


Due to the many different themes and customizations out there for WP Job Manager it is possible that your theme or custom template override was not written correctly or using the same methods as the core WP Job Manager plugin, but I am willing to work on integration and compatibility once these issues are reported.

The list above is just some of the features currently available, with many planned features being added soon:

Job Listing Custom Field Handling

  • Company Website – placeholder replaces value in link, option in settings to remove field output if set to hide field.
  • Job Description – functions as normal, but there is now an option in the settings to output an excerpt from the value of that field, which is then appended with the placeholder value.

Resume Listing Custom Field Handling

  • Education – Configure specific sub-field to use for outputting placeholder, and options to clear any of other sub-fields (instead of still showing), including School Name, Qualification(s), Start/End Date, and Notes.
  • Experience – Configure specific sub-field to use for outputting placeholder, and options to clear any of other sub-fields (instead of still showing), including Employer, Job Title, Start/End Date, and Notes.
  • Links – Configure specific sub-field to use for outputting placeholder (URL or Name/Label/Caption), option to replace link URL with configured URL in settings, option to prepend any link URLs with value configured in settings (as example, to add an outgoing URL before the actual listings). So if the URL on the listing was http://www.the-users-link.com, you could configure a URL prepend and have the URL end up being http://mysite.com/out.php?url=http://www.the-users-link.com

Planned Features

  • Per Job/Resume Custom Configuration Settings
  • Addon Plugin to support custom WooCommerce Subscription Packages, as well as WooCommerce Paid Listings Packages
    WP Job Manager Visibility now integrates fully with the WP Job Manager Packages Plugin!

Got an idea for a feature?  Let me know and I will probably add it!

Licenses can always be upgraded to include additional features (such as Resumes). For instance, if you purchase a Job/Company license and a month later figure out you need the resumes, you can upgrade your license for the difference in price.

License Type Support Site Activations Support and Upgrades
Developer Support Ticket, or Skype Unlimited 1 Year
Individual Support Ticket, or Skype 1 1 Year

Individual licenses allow the plugin to be activated and receive updates on 1 site, whereas the Developer license allows activation on unlimited number of sites.

You can activate and deactivate sites as frequently as you would like with any license.

For example, say you want to activate your individual license on your development site, http://dev.mysite.com … a month later want to move it to http://mysite.com. To do this you can either deactivate the license from the Plugins page of your WordPress installation, or go to My Account on this site, and click “Delete” next to the domain in which the license is activated for.

Once the license has been deleted/deactivated you can reactivate it on any site you would like.

Requires PHP 5.3+ 
5.2 has been unsupported since 2011, there’s really no reason anybody should still be running 5.2, and if your hosting company is, you should tell them to upgrade immediately!

Additional Information

License Type

Personal, Developer

Field Types

Job + Company, Job + Company + Resumes

5 reviews for WP Job Manager Visibility

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Works great easy to use!

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Great plugin, worth every penny

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Great plugin, easy to set up and spare lot of custom work

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    A Must-have plugin if you want to save tons of hours. Add to it, an excellent support from the author, who understands the issues very well and lends his expertise to resolve those with ease. Simply Fantastic!

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Great plugin, it does everything it says it does and has saved me a lot of time and money with my website. If your using job manager and resumes, this plugin is a must! Support from the author has been nothing but amazing and I would highly recommend this plugin.

    • (verified owner):

      Thanks for the great review! Glad to hear this has helped, this was definitely one of the hardest plugins to build due to all the possible conflicts, configurations, and handling of fields, so always glad to hear when it works and helps someone out!

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