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WP Job Manager Emails WordPress Plugin

WP Job Manager Emails

Customize or create unlimited emails, with any or all listing fields, includes pre-made templates, if & each statements, addon plugin support, and more!

WP Job Manager Field Editor WordPress Plugin

WP Job Manager Field Editor

WP Job Manager Field Editor is the only plugin that will allow you to completely customize all form fields for WP Job Manager submit listing pages (frontend/admin). ย Not only will you be able to customize all of the default fields for submitting job posts, but you will also be able to create your own custom […]

WooCommerce Custom User Pricing WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Custom User Pricing

WooCommerce Custom User Pricing plugin adds a metabox below every WooCommerce product where you can specify prices based on the specific user. Unlike the other custom pricing plugins out there for WooCommerce, this plugin allows you to set a price for each specific user. You can also toggle enable/disable price without having to remove it […]