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WooCommerce Custom User Pricing

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Product Description

WooCommerce Custom User Pricing plugin adds a metabox below every WooCommerce product where you can specify prices based on the specific user. Unlike the other custom pricing plugins out there for WooCommerce, this plugin allows you to set a price for each specific user. You can also toggle enable/disable price without having to remove it from the product. The default price will still show for all other users, only when the user is logged in and you have set a custom price will the configured price be shown, otherwise default price will be used.


  • Custom Price per User
  • Metabox on every product configuration page
  • Enable/Disable custom price as needed

Planned Features

  • List Table with all custom user prices
  • Backup/Restore custom user prices
  • Change custom user price dropdown (ID, email, Name, etc)
  • Select user or group for custom price
  • Select custom user role for custom price
  • Bulk manage custom user pricing

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