Admin Only Fields in Conditional Logic

As of version 1.8.1 of the Field Editor WP Job Manager addon, you can now use the filters below to allow any admin only field, or only specific ones you define … along with a default value for that field (if you want).  Version 1.8.0 or older you were able to select an admin only field, but that was only due to me overlooking those fields and making sure they weren’t selectable (see blog post for more details about this).

By default, admin only fields can NOT be selected anymore in the conditional logic configuration area.  This can easily be changed by using a filter.

Enable/Expose ALL Admin Only Fields

WARNING: this exposes all admin only field values on the frontend of your website in a JavaScript object. It is STRONGLY recommended that you ALSO use the filter below this one to ONLY output specific admin only field values.  I assume NO LIABILITY if you do not heed this warning!

add_filter( 'field_editor_conditional_logic_enable_admin_logic_fields', '__return_true' );

The above code added to your child theme’s functions.php file, or using the Code Snippets plugin, will now allow you to select from any of your configured Admin Only fields, for use in conditional logic checks.

Customize Specific Admin Only Fields to Expose/Enable

It is STRONGLY recommended that you add this filter as well, to specify ONLY what meta keys of admin only fields you want to be used for conditional logic, as to only output those values on the frontend javascript object storage:

There are two filters available for this.  One is for Jobs/Listings:


The other is for Resumes:


Here’s an example using the job/listing filter:

add_filter( 'field_editor_conditional_logic_custom_value_job_admin_fields', 'smyles_logic_admin_only_job_meta_keys' );

function smyles_logic_admin_only_job_meta_keys( $admin_only ){
	$admin_only = array( 'job_admin_only' );
	return $admin_only;

As you can see in the example above, I am ONLY returning the job_admin_only  meta key through the filter, specifying I only want that one to be used for logic and to be output on the frontend javascript object storage (the value of that field for the listing).

Multiple meta keys can be specified by simply adding another one in the array:

$admin_only = array( 'job_admin_only', 'job_admin_only_2' );

The values passed to the example function above $admin_only , is an array of all the admin only fields on your site.  By simply redefining that array and returning our new one, you are instructing my plugin to ONLY allow that field for use.

Specifying Default Values

You can also specify a default value you want to be used whenever a new listing is being created, or when an existing listing is being edited, that does not have a value saved to the listing, for that field.  To do this, we just create a nested array on the meta key we want to set the default value for:

$admin_only = array( 'job_admin_only' => array( 'default' => 'VALUE' ) );

This will result in any logic you have setup on that field, to use that VALUE  as default.  For example, a user is creating a new listing, and you have logic configured to show job_salary  when job_admin_only  is VALUE  … when the page loads, the job_salary  field will be showing, because you have set VALUE as a default value for that field.  If you then edit that listing as an administrator in the admin backend and change that value to something else … when the frontend user goes to edit the listing again, they will no longer see the job_salary  field.

Here’s a full example with all the features described above:

add_filter( 'field_editor_conditional_logic_enable_admin_logic_fields', '__return_true' );
add_filter( 'field_editor_conditional_logic_custom_value_job_admin_fields', 'smyles_logic_admin_only_job_meta_keys' );

function smyles_logic_admin_only_job_meta_keys( $admin_only ){

	$admin_only = array(
		'job_admin_only' => array(
			'default' => 'yes'
		'job_admin_only_2' => array(
			'default' => 'no'

	return $admin_only;


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