WP Job Manager Packages Released!

User Package List Table My Account Page

Over a year in the making, WP Job Manager Packages has now been released!  Require users to purchase a package to view, browse, or apply/contact any job (listing), as well as browse, view, contact, and view full candidate name on Resumes.  Supports WooCommerce Subscriptions!

Currently integrates with WooCommerce to handle all payment, and order processing.

View Resume Placeholder and Form Output

View Resume Placeholder and Form Output

Packages can contain limits, with a full admin management on the backend, and jQuery powered table on the frontend for users!  On sale for initial release, only $29.99!



WP Job Manager Visibility Integration Example

Integration with the Visibility plugin in groups. Requires WP Job Manager Visibility

This also brings a major integration for the WP Job Manager Visibility plugin, as when you combine both plugins, you can create unlimited groups based on packages created with WP Job Manager Packages AS WELL AS WP Job Manager WooCommerce Paid Listings packages!


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